Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Night Out 2010

I'm going to quickly admit that I DIDN'T really have a lot of fun at FNO this year.  It was too much hopping around, too much trying to organize everyone to meet up in one place, and too much "aaaaaah-fashion" for me.  (Yeah, I'm a fashion girl, I work in the industry and I love my job, but these fashion swoirees and these types of people are not really always my thing, who am I fooling, they're rarely my thing.  I'm a bit too rough around the edges-just the way I like it-to enjoy hobknobbing like this).

But I'll try my best to be enthusiastic about re-telling my first 3/4 of the evening:

It started out with me being very exhilerated...all week I had planned to make our first stop the Macy's event.  Because who wouldn't want to see one of their favorite models: Jessica Stam alongside a lady of good design and cool clothes: Rachel Roy?
About 20min into it, the girls fled...we couldn't handle the crowd and there was no sign of Jessica.  But I would like to think the lovely and beautiful Rachel is smiley brightly at MY camera, no?  I swear she's looking right at my lens!  (she looks like my friend Jewel)
And what a surprise...I recognize this girl from America's Next Top Model (like back when I used to watch it...ummmmm, Cycle 2??).  It's April from ANTM, right?
After Macy's we headed up to 5th Ave to hit up some of the fancy-schmancy designer stores.  We were under the impression Gant was having Wet, Naked, Male Models--we are ladies after all, what can I say!?!
Much to our dissapointment, and by this time my stress and disgruntled empty stomach and grouchiness, the dudes were by no means naked whatsoever...and definitely no water was invovled.
Lucky for us, Versace just happened to be right next store.
And if there's ever a time to enter one of these expensive stores where you won't just feel awkward and inadequate, well Fashion Night Out is that time.
Yummy for our taste buds...the party was sponsored by Ciroc, which meant some pretty stiff, good cocktails!  FREE-chaching!!!!
So with cocktails in hand, we stood around gawking at the sites.
and I stood admidst a little something equivalent to "Heaven on Earth" (and yeah...I'm wearing my girl-gang vest, my gang vest goes with be damned!)
Here's the pretty model at Versace, and yes-I'll take that dress, please.
And the back of this dress, too!
After Versace we headed down to the West side of Manhattan to hit up the Teen Vogue party.  Grrrrr....they were breaking it down and closing up when we got there-it was only 8pm?  Who ends a party at 8pm?

We stopped in a few other places down there before hopping on the L and heading to Williamsburg for the Market Publique Pop-up Shop/Fashism party.
I was utterly elated and very giddy when the girls from Fashism came up to me and asked if I was "NickieSixx"!  What? Someone recognized me?????  Girls--you made my week, thank you so much for saying hi and getting me excited to participate on again!  I'll try to post more often on there I swear!

At the pop-up shop, we browsed the selection of vintage goodies...
Some of us made purchases (because our girl-gang vests are just that much cooler when decorated with vintage)...
cristina's pin
I took a moment to pick up the last itty-bitty crumb leftover from the treat table (I inappropriate and unnecessary, but that's what I am 95% of the time, no?)
And then I was asked if Fashism could take my outfit photo for their contest--Um, sure....why not, I do love an outfit photo op!
So, make sure you go on their site, sign up for an acct., and vote for me damn-it!  (they're having a lil' contest for Fashion Night Out's best outfit)
And from this point, we left shortly after...the gang parted ways, went to sleep off the fun, and here we are the following day...
(I feel a weekend rewind coming on maybe???)

Fashion Night Out '10 Attire Includes:
-Downtown Doll's gang vest, DIY by me
-Ivory tricot mini dress, Urban Outfitters
-Black leggings, Uniqlo
-Black booties, Steve Madden
-Black sunglasses, Kensie
-Green felt tote, Urban Outfitters


Dusty Rose Vintage said...

nice summary. :)

Anonymous said...

you look hot! and thanks for sharing your night! great photos. :)

Robyn said...

Yay for being recognized! I would have picked you out too. I'm just saying.

Alexandra said...

First thing's first, you guys are so funny with your vests. I love it.

Second, I just noticed your "I hate heat and humidity" countdown to fall. I'll second that motion.