Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Rewind: September 11th-12th, 2010

Ah, a quick little Weekend Rewind, for a not so-super-eventful weekend, but ok nonetheless.

Saturday: September 11th, 2010--

It started out innocently enough...a dinner of noodles.  I could totally go for this right about now (starving)
I was running around with some of my Dolls , hit up our new East Village clubhouse to see if it would suffice as our regular hangout spot when in that 'hood--pretty safe to say the oldies on the jukebox sealed the deal.
That same night I decided my vest goes with anything I want to wear--so maybe it doesn't really, but it definitly adds a little spark, whether or not it really "goes" with the outfit--you be the judge  (Just remember to think before you speak...my name afterall is "Joan Threat"--that's scary stuff!)
I realize I didn't even snap an outfit shot...so you'll just have to imagine the lower half.
I was wearing:
-My girl gang vest, duh
-Vintage printed mini-dress, Beacon's Closet
-Brown knee-high suede and leather boots, Franco Sarto (via DSW)--is that the name??
-Vintage brown structured bag, Thrift Store

Sunday: September 12th, 2010--

I spent my entire day and afternoon at home.  I had big plans to take 4 bags of clothing to Buffalo Exchange--misty rain and not-so-pleasant weather told me to nix that idea for now.
Later in the evening it was time for me to get dressed and head off to the village for the Chictopia10/Juicy Couture afterparty.  (Not so much my thing again as it ranks right up there with FNO stuff to me--see my last post for thoughts on that.  But, Nikka having RSVP'd for 5 of us convinced me it would be fun and fine since we'd be friends amongst out own little selves.  Ok she's right...and it was fun for a Sunday).
I pulled out this ol' frock...I wore it to my 26th birthday party so long ago...thought I'd see if it still fit and if so I'd give the ol' girl another whirl.  Oh it fit...woohoo!
-White vintage dress, Love Saves the Day
-Black booties, Steve Madden
-Black opaque tights, HUE
-Silver Best Friends necklace, Etsy
White after Labor Day
So off I went, out into the misty rain, to attend the Chictopia party.  Where as usual, I quickly jumped on board with the "free drinks" thing...
Browsed the merch, as if I actually wear or am considering a Juicy Couture purchase (yep, pretty much this photo is not real life stuff going on here...the only stuff I was interested in perusing really would be the children's clothing.  Not for this adult though, no way no how)
And more free drinks...basically adding to my carelessness in terms of my caloric intake for the day.
Luckily I had these two firecrackers to keep me company because I could hang out with them all day and never tire, two funny sassy friends indeed!
I swear, I wasn't 100% clique-y the whole evening, at times I did talk to people outside my regular NYC based friends.  Now girls, I will say I wasn't overly social, but to those I did meet and greet and mingle with, it was a delight...thanks for saying hi, or letting me say hi to you.
Just a few more things to make you believe I might actually shop at Juicy...actually, it's not too far fetched to picture me in a piece of this jewelry.  However, proudly can I admit I did not purchase anything and I stuck to my guns (those guns being that I DO NOT wear Juicy, nor did I ever own anything with anything written across the butt...Phew!)
Honestly, I probably would've been down for buying this peacock...I wonder its real, like stuffed?  This would make a wonderful bday present for a friend of mine!  Oh the crapiness...its only a decoration, not for sale!  grrrr, its the best thing in there!

Like I said...not too exciting of a weekend.  Sometimes I'm a bore.


thisgirlbeck said...

bad ass vest dude :)


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I love your white dress! It's so different from your previous tough downtown chick look.

The peacock is kind of bitching. I wouldn't judge you at all for having that stuffed bird displayed proudly in your home.

Anonymous said...

I laughed. not outloud, I am at work after all... I mean wait I'm not reading blogs at work... Errr...

Moving on. I like how you said that was a boring weekend. you're funny. Although I can kinda related. Someone recently commented on my blog saying I was always doing fun stuff... and I thought really? I find im a snooze a lot of the time.

I freakin love that white dress on you, it is so flattering, you looked awesome. I wish I wasnt broke and could have gone to NY last weekend. Although jeez if you were just gonna ignore me, maybe not! haha I kidddddddddddddd

jesse.anne.o said...

The vest does go with everything.

Hopefully you'll have an open call for gang initiation when you need more members. I enjoy denim, black and dark hair with bangs and a ponytail...and switchblade combs.

Marloes. said...

I love the denim jackets!