Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daily Wear: Goodbye to You

Yay!  Summer is just about over...
And this girl could not be anymore the happy about it!
Goodbye to the Cut-offs
So Goodbye to You, summa-time!
the only thing I might be slightly saddened about would be the end of the cut-offs for me
(although I suppose there's always the tights underneath look I could attempt for fall/winter).

Not so sure my friends will mind if I retire the cut-offs for a few months though.  They've probably gotten pretty sick and tired of me exposing my pale long chicken legs all summer long.
So with the change of seasons comes new footwear...
I was in desperate need for some new black booties because my Nine West ones that I wear all the time have just about had it.  The shoe repair man can't even really help them along at this point.
Cue the new booties...

Steve Madden fold-over zipper booties
(you knew it would be Steve Madden or Jessica Simpson because that's what 80% of my shoe wardrobe consists of...what were you expecting, Louboutin? pshaaaw)
I also bought a new pair of brown suede knee-high boots the same day I bought these.  Gotta love DSW!
They'll make a debut on this here blog in the next few days I'm sure.
(You know, good thing I bought these new boots when I did because as I  exited DSW, within mere seconds, the heels I was wearing decided to snap in two!  Phew, never been more glad to have another pair of shoes in my hand at that very moment...a quick chang-er-ooski and I was back at my stride as if nothing ever happened.)
*Black vintage '80s oversized Esprit t-shirt, Thrift Store
*Beige long sleeved t-shirt, Target
*DIY Cut-off shorts, Gap
*Black zipper booties, Steve Madden
*Brown necklace, street jeweler in Soho

And now, not that this picture below has anything to do with anything, in fact it was a blooper one considering my eyes are closed...I promise I was not trying to look all sultry or anything in this photo, I'm just mid-blink that's all.  But look what I noticed is etched into the glass on the window behind me.
Creepy, eh?  
Who are these people that live in my building???


Alexandra said...

You already know I love those Steve Maddens! I'm pretty much ready for fall too. As proven by the fact that I've literally been trying to get dressed for like two hours now, and I just keep standing in front of my closet, staring, wishing I could wear something long sleeved without sweating my ass off.

Alexandra said...

Update... thanks for this post. I ended up throwing on cut off shorts and cowboy boots. Problem solved. :-)

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited for fall too! And that writing on the IS creepy, ugh!

Alexandra said...

Update Part II (I'm officially stalking you now, clearly): Featured one of these pictures on my most recent post with elaboration on your outfit inspiration. Haha.

Kim said...

I love love love this too. I just scored a pair of Steve Madden kitten heels the other day & couldn't be more excited.
Not, however, as excited I am that on Thursday at 11pm evil Summer turns into Lovely Autumn. Can't wait to see your outfits as the weather cools off!