Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Wear: The Clash

There's a lot of things in this outfit and in my life that seem to be a bit of a clash...
Clash #1.) I'm not "rockin' any Casbah" even though we know I wish I were just that "badass"
(definition via Urban Dictionary: "Disobeying and doing something you belive is right even though it isn't legal")

Clash #2.) The fight between masculine and feminine
(We all know how I veer toward the more masculine of attire, I'm not always one for ruffles and lace, sheer and sweet)

-But for this occasion I wanted to be just a touch more girly than my normal personality lets on.  Not meaning I was changing my personality, just changing my clothing up a bit.  That's the fun of fashion right?  Morphing into whatever you feel like being at that particular moment.
-To go all girl is just too much for me to think about though, so I had to toughen it up a bit with a couple key pieces: The liquid leggings, the jacket (its fall for christ's sake, I want to wear my bomber so I'm going to despite if the high's are still in the '70s!), the lack of smile on my face (yeah I try)

Clash #3.) The silver purse with the otherwise gold accents
(I like to mix up the metallics once in a while, never hurt anyone)

-So remember when I was saying I wanted leopard print, particularly in the form of a new purse?  Well my spidey sense came thru and told me to go more classic in terms of buying a new, nice, "gonna last forever" type bag.  The only thing not so "classic" about it is the color.  But even that is not anything trendy, its just a nice soft metallic, low shine, silver color.  It will withstand the tide and be with me for a while, believe me.  I think I made a fine purchase...the slouchiness is my style, I like the way it fits under my arm, or the way I can sling it across my forearm and look like all those little celebs when they run to get their Starbucks fix, um......yeah

-I'm happy to report I did score my leopard print fix today in the form of a pair of shoes though!  That's a whole other post, surely it will come soon as I simply cannot wait to wear them!  weeeeeeeeheeeeee!

And Clash #4.) My Mind vs. My Lack of Willpower 
This goes without saying, it can pertain to many areas of my life: 
-my wallet, my social activity, me going out on a Sunday night....gah! 

-Let's just face it...I can be a real Buffoon sometimes, that's all I'm going to say.
(I know, not surprising whatsoever)

So yeah...maybe I clashed a lot when I went out on Sunday, in more ways than one.

*Powder Pink chiffon tunic, H&M
*Black leggings, F21
*Silver leather bag, Cole Haan
*Black bomber jacket, H&M
*Black leather boots, Jessica Simpson
*Gold chain/pearl necklace, Topshop 
*Gold vintage lion's head belt, Thrift Store
*Black chiffon scarf, H&M


Alyson said...

I think I totally have that same belt. Gold, lion, stretchy?

I am in love with those liquid leggings. And your new purse is beautiful!

kellywanhainen said...

clashing is always a good thing! looove this outfit, and those boots..i really need a nice pair of leather boots, but given my current income, fake charlotte russe ones will have to do. (i mean really, how could i pass up the 40% employee discount?) anyway, i also love your shirt! it's soo amazing!

Joan D. said...

you rock with this one! nice and cool boots! perfect wth those leggings!

Kisses from Spain!

Isquisofrenia said...

wow that dress is so pretty on you
and i dig so much how you mix fabrics and things like that
its cool
i think this is one of my favorite outfits too
well i have a lot that i like but this one is so pretty on you!
and somehow its so badass too!

Isquisofrenia said...

hahha thats really cool, im telling you we can go through each others closet and steal each others clothes hah

Spacely Peniro said...

this is Great Nikki!