Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily Wear: Farewell my Fairweather friends

*Blue chambray shirt, F21
*Black denim jeggings, Gap
*Red houndstooth trouser socks, H&M
*Black cuffed booties, Steve Madden
*Black printed scarf, Express
*Silver leather bag, Cole Haan

Ok so this sucks....for the past few days something is wrong with our internet connection and its a pain to get anything uploaded, let alone then situated on this blog.
As of now, I managed to only get this pic up here, the rest won't upload into blogger...grrrr!

-Today, tropical storm Nicole (ah, geez, really?  how awesome...named after me)blew thru town.  
Can you tell?  It was some windy stuff today, I'll tell you what.
Plus it was drizzly, humid as all heck, and just not my day.
I was just so ready to pack up and throw in the towel and get the heck out of dodge.  
But one must tread along, and that I did.

-Secondly, I was just not motivated to do much of anything but to bust outta this town already.
Bright and early (um actually 6 hours from now)I'm off to my beloved town of Nashville, off to my favorite state--the one who's state song this here blog is named after.  
I simply cannot wait, for once I will not slam my hand on the snooze when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning at 5:30am-YIKES!  But sooooooo worth it.
Yay! Yay! Yay!  Look out Tennessee here I come...Yeehaw, time to go honky tonkin'
(yes, yes, I really did just say that)

After Nashville, I'm heading home for my birthday and the remainder of next week.
Looking forward to doing nothing but eating lots of fried food, going to the huge Fall festival back home, and hanging out with old friends.
Oh...and finally meeting up with Alex from Alex's Wonderland and of course the ever so cute, Kelly, from Sew Me Some Love!

While away, starting tomorrow at 6:30am, I have no intention upon blogging...we'll all survive, I'm sure of it.  I just need a real vacation, a real life relaxation period, and that's exactly what I'm going to do-basically just not deal with real life for a week--sounds great, right?

So bear with me, 
actually wait around till October 12th, 
then come back-how's that sound?

Oh, and guess how excited I am for the weather in Nashville and Evansville?  Super stoked!  The lows at night are going to be in the 40s!  now that is what I call Autumn!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hello my fall loving friend! so, i'm guessing you'll be visiting our lovely friend alyson?! have fun!!

Charmalade said...

I hope it's not too late when I say happy deserved-relaxation slash birthday time!! Birthday time? OK, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean. Either way, happy vibes are being sent your way. It doesn't sound like you need it though, if you're going to be eating tons of fried food, haha. :D

As for the outfit, I think it's appropriately transitional into fall and accommodating for the rainy weather. I love the chambray!

Toast with Charmalade

SBVOR said...

Why do New Yorkers always want to photograph themselves in front of graffiti? It's disgusting and one of the least attractive things about NYC and "modern" "culture".

Seriously -- why?

Alexandra said...

Woah, it's weird reading your blog actually KNOWING you now. Haha. Can't wait to see the pictures from last night... I had fun when I wasn't stressing out dealing with dramatic men and trying to find everyone and their mother. You (AND MEL) really need to visit Bloomington sometime, preferably once Kel is 21, and we'll really cause some trouble.