Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daily Wear: Travel Style (Nashville Bound)

Travel Style
Thankfully my internet is up and running now!  Fingers crossed it keeps on keepin' on...

And now, the long awaited beginning to my 10day getaway.
We start out with my flight to Nashville!
(Oh Nashville, I HEART YOU!!!!  4ever!)

I'm not one to do that whole Juicy Couture tracksuit and Uggs look when I travel--a bit too "leisure" for my style.  And a bit too Blah Blah BORING!
I like to keep it interesting when I fly because there's plenty of BORING to go around with everyone else in the airports.  Plus, lets not forget that once upon a time, flying was a luxury, and people dressed like such.  Not to say I'm dressed all "luxe" or anything, but at least I'm putting some effort into the travel style, no?
So kids, I touched down in Tennessee at 9:30am...that meant I had to get up at 5:30am my time to make it to the airport.  And when I hadn't gone to sleep until 1:30am the night before (er...morning?), well that makes for future exhaustion most likely.

And yeah, that is a Guitar Shaped Pool!
(Where else would I stay when in Nashville?  Duh, I'm totally always going to stay at the hotel w/the guitar shaped pool.  Would you expect any less from me?)
Guitar Shaped Pool
Ok, so first things first...I was in desperate need of a trim, bangs in my eyes-sprouts on the crown of my head no longer standing up, outgrown limp hair everywhere!  But what to do, what to do...I had no time to see friend/stylist: Cristina, before my trip.  So I had to take matters into my own hands...and below is the product of a midnight snippity-snip on my part.  Not too shabby, eh?
(Cristina, please don't shoot me for going at your masterpiece on my can point out my errors at my next appt.  Have fun!)
It's been all of 15 days since I took scissors and went at it...but I feel like my hair's already right where I started.  I need an appt. again.  But oh well, the DIY trim I gave myself held out and worked perfectly for my little vacation.  I'm rather happy with the way my hair looked while I was on holiday.  Specifically my bangs if I do say so myself!
And I know ever since the first pic you've been ogling my belt!  
Don't deny it.
I got this little feathered leather goodness when I went to Beacon's Closet when I met Mel for her bday lunch in Park Slope back in September.  
I hadn't found the perfect opportunity to wear it, but I put on this jumpsuit and it was just hollering for that belted number.  A great combo it was!
Ok so, had I gotten proper sleep, eaten some food on Friday, and not had 4 beers downtown in the afternoon, I'd have more to show you for a Friday in Nashville.
But you know what happened?

I went back to my hotel room around 6:30pm....washed up for a possible dinner with friends, had big plans to meet someone at a show to see his band, and then figured I'd have some drinks like any out-of-town girl in Nashville would do.  
So I sat down on my bed, flicked on the tv to check the weather, and then the next thing I know...

ummmmmm, I'm waking up to a text message at 3:00am!
I could've killed myself for that!  I freakin' went into the deepest sleep of my life and slept thru my entire first evening in Nashville.  I was so dead to the world I didn't even hear the numerous worrisome calls, the multiple texts, the everything friends were doing to get my attention wondering what happened to me, where I was at, if I was ok.
Oh yeah, I was just fine....just fine catching up on some sleep!  Some much needed sleep obviously!
that's what I meant by "future exhaustion" earlier in this post.
Phew-talk about the effects of fatigue, lack of food, and a few beers.

Way to go!
I suppose at least I landed in style, walked around the city like the out-of-town "city slicker" I am, and then nothing else...BORING.

-Black cropped blazer, H&M
-Black knit jumpsuit, F21
-Beige suede booties, Calvin Klein
-Ivory vintage belt, Beacon's Closet
-Leopard print ankle socks, H&M
-Silver vintage necklace, Thrift Store
-Silver BFF necklace, Etsy

Oh and this was just the first day...there's still another 9 days to my vacation I didn't report on...
We'll get to a Nashville "Weekend Rewind" this weekend--how's that sound?


Carrie said...

You did I great job on your hair, in my opinion. I'm the queen of drinking three beers and hacking into my bangs. I wish mine turned out so well...

P.S. That belt is fantastic- a perfect pairing with the jumpsuit!

Alexandra said...

Much better than Juicy Coutoure. And, when Kelly and I are 40 and divorced/single with Asian babies, hopefully we'll have a guitar shaped pool of our very own!!! Loveee the belt!

sweetersalt said...

Great boots and I love the belt.

I'm a big bang trimmer myself (sometimes you have to be). Good work!


Alexandra said...

Oh I wasn't at all concerned that you would seem like an old lady haha. You fit right in! Hopefully I'll be able to get up to NYC to visit sometime now that I actually have a job, assuming I ever start getting more hours and making more money than I'm spending.

Whenever you get a chance (No rush at all- I know you're a busy lady!) would you e-mail me some of the pictures of the group/green beans from the Fall Fest? I'd appreciate it very much!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

What a hilarious pool, I especially love the guitar strings painted at the bottom. It's all about the details.

I've been trimming my own hair a little here and there like twice a week for the past few weeks. I'm pretty sure this is going to eventually backfire at some point, but it's noce to know I'm not the only one who fancies herself an amateur hairdresser every once in a while. And yes, I was staring at your belt. What a delightful belt it is.

thisgirlbeck said...

wow wow wow wow. I love everything about your outfit. I love your hair, boots, jumpsuit, belt... everything. I so wanna be you right now... haha


Isquisofrenia said...

i wanna go visit nashville too
you know why obvioulsy and that jumsuit is amazing!!!!!
and wait your hair looks so good
and you r just looking hot!!!
i bet your having the time of your life there

Anonymous said...

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