Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ok, remember how I mentioned on the Nashville leg of my vacation there was some weight gain going on? 
Well below, you're about to witness, how it was possible for me to gain a whopping 10lbs in one week!

I present to you the one and only cool thing that ever happens in my hometown:

The Evansville West Side Nut Club Fall Festival!!!

A fave rave for sure as I grew up going to this festival every year.  And somehow 12 years had gone by since I made it back home for the annual festival.  I knew this year, I couldn't let an opportunity to attend pass me up.  Oh and I made the most of it...going on average 2x/day for lunch and dinner.
And let me add, the Fall Festival is pretty much just a freakin deep fried food festival. 
(sure there's rides and games, but we all go for the fried fattiness and novelty foods they offer to townies that call Evansville home.)
The Fall Festival took up 7 of my 10days of vacation, so naturally I have to seperate the fun into a two parter blog post.

So part #1 of this fave rave: THE FOOD!
Taking in the food-y fun with me were my hometown blogger girls (and my psuedo lil' sisters),
Sew Me Some Love (on the left) and Alex's Wonderland (on the right)
As well as their friends, Lalalaurynnn (on the left) and MondoMandy (on the right)
It seems one of the main goals of the Fall Festival is to offer up interesting deep fried treats.  I keep mentioning "deep fried" because seriously, no joke, about 95% of the edible goodness is just that:

Every year they try to outdue the year before by introducing the Evansvillians to regular foods just FRIED.
Such as the case was with the Deep Fried Greenbeans shown below.

-I should mention, these were eaten by Alex's Wonderland who also has a wonderful food blog known as Wonderland Kitchen
So I'd like to think she knows a thing or two about good tasty food considering she appears to be quite the chef herself.  I believe she took a liking to these green beans.
Not being a huge veggie lover myself, and definitely not a fan of green beans, I opted out of sampling.
I cannot tell you what I think of them.
Something I have always, and will always, munch on when attending the Fall Festival would be the
Sooooooooooooooooo good!

-The one shown here was ingested by Lalalaurynnn, she can attest to its tastiness I'm sure.
And then there's the medly of deep fried mixed veggies
-Again I did not partake in samplings of these.  No thank you!
But apparently they're not so bad. (Unless you ask my highschool BFF, Abbey, who would tell you differently as she tasted them earlier in the week).
But readers, just when you thought the deep fried goodness couldn't get any better...I present to you the "REAL DRAW" of the Fall Festival this year:


In an attempt to gross you all out, I did try to purchase these, and I was going to show you all photos of me shoving testicles in my mouth.  (remember, I'm classy like that...uhhhh)
-Unfortunately, come Friday night, they had sold out of all 600lbs of testicles!
Yeah, 600lbs!!!!!!!!! 
Evansville, YOU ARE GROSS!
yet, I was completely willing to partake in this too now that I think of it.
With turkey testicles not being an option, Kelly and I went for the next grossest thing we could find.
I chose a lollipop with a Scorpian in it!
I was rewarded with a button that looks exactly like this sign--of course to prove how "tough" I am, I promptly added the button to my gang vest's flair once I was back in NYC.
Now here's the real kicker, while the scorpian itself was nothing other than "crunchy" his legs did keep getting stuck in my teeth! 
hahahahahaha, are you vomitting yet?

(SideNote added 10/27/10: Kelly reminded me of the best part of the scorpion lolli....I can't believe I forgot to mention this...but at one point, after biting off a few legs, I flung my sucker around surely when talking which leads to me making flamboyant gestures with my hands,landing it smack dab in a townies' hair!  Poor girl...I ripped out a strand of long blonde locks.  Kinda funny to me of course...she was probably thinking otherwise.  I promptly threw my sucker away after that.  Damn!)
Kelly opted for a Creepy Crawlie.
Essentially the same thing as my sucker, only with a worm inside!
She was rewarded with a button looking like the sign below.
So for $3.00 a pop, it was well worth grossing you guys out!  Scorpian pops are rad!
(Let it be known, the last time I was at the Fall Festival 12yrs ago, I ate a chocolate covered cricket--notice they were sold out according to the price list below)
Oh West Side Nut Club Fall Festival...thank you for the 10lbs I gained, and then had to work off when I returned back to NYC (I felt disgusting to say the least)!
Good food, good friends, and good times!!!!!!!


Alexandra said...

Hahahaha. I'm sad to sad I accidentally (Yes, really) dropped my lollipop on the ground before I ever even got to the scorpion!!! Not that I'm too concerned, because the lollipop itself tasted disgusting.

Also- Yes, those green beans are AMAZING. I'm craving them right now, so thanks for that. :-)

kellywanhainen said...

hahah love the last picture of alex and i. and nickie, you forgot to mention that your scorpion pop got caught in a townie's hair! ewwww!

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't eat the "deep friend mixed veggies" ah! Hehe, sorry I'm not normally a grammar nazi, it's just a pretty funny typo. :)

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I experienced so many different emotions while reading this post. First joy at the thought of a fried food festival, then amusement at it's incredibly long name, jealousy that i didn't get to attend (eat), mild repulsion at the mention of testicles and complete disgust at the lollibug.

What a post.

Happy hump day!

WILDasaMINK said...

In reply to Anonymous: Thank you for pointing out my typing error...Deep FRIEND Veggies is indeed hilarious! I've fixed it though, thanks for your proofreading help :)

Becca [Free Honey] said...

So as I was reading, I was debating on whether to be totally grossed out or hungry. I mean fried food is pretty delicious. Let's all be honest with ourselves. I was opting towards hungry until I saw your scorpion pop! AHHHH!!!! I could never bring myself to eat something like that. I'm sorry but I'm dry heaving at the thought. Turkey testicles would have been a welcome alternative in my book. At least, I think so...

Isquisofrenia said...

hahha yeah people thought it was me , i wish i had that poncho though
yeah i can try the diy but it wont be succssful though =(

archives said...

haha! looks like fun! side note: my mom is from evansville! ;)

J said...

Cool!!!- so much more adventurous than I regarding food - sc..sc..scorpion pops?! Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

deep fried mixed vegies! sounds very strange but interesting - and i really want a scorpian pop! i actually might be too scared to eat it though, not too sure...

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