Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily Wear: Dude Looks like a Lady

There's a fine line I walk between being a lady and being "one of the guys".
It works well for me, and this is my personality, I can't change nor do I want to.
But sometimes its difficult playing both parts of both genders
(ok I just made myself sound transgendered.  I am not...I'm fully ananotomically female, just FYI)

What I'm getting at is to compliment both my female tendancies and my raucaous louder than most belching and sometimes ludicrous talk, I need to find an outfit that balances it both. 
Last Friday I was off to hang out with "the dudes", being the only female I wanted to still look like a girl, but not like a high-maintenance princess if you get my drift.
I was not going out-out, just out of my house, so I needed to wear something comfortable but not sloppy.
Just cause you can hang with the guys, it doesn't mean you need to look like one of them.
(keep this in mind ladies if you tend to hang with too many dudes and not enough ladies, keep yourself looking like a girl--believe me, the dudes apprecaite it.)
This is when leggings of a spectacular sort, and a slouchy tunic of a casual consistency in a print that ups the anty come in handy.
Yes, if I do say so myself, I was completely girly looking, yet completely ready to sit around and drink some beers in "the dudes" living room.
Oh yes, and for once...I accessorized with a smile.
Say cheese!
(or total ham for the camera!)
*sweater dress-Kensie (courtesy of Mel of course)
*Gunmetal leggings-F21
*Over the knee boots-Jessica Simpson
(currently ruined since I wore them today and had to climb 3ft snow drifts--heartbreaking!)
*Vintage horseshoe necklace-Beacon's Closet
*BFF necklace-Etsy
*Engraved ring-gift from friend
(It says, "NICO"--wish that were really my nickname)


liyana said...

wow, i totally like you. your perception of still looking like a girl around the dudes. i do that sometimes. and yes they sure appreciate it. Love your casual top. <3<3 xx

Alexandra said...

These are the best leggings everrrrr!

those tricks said...

Snow-ruined boots?!
When will the East Coast winter madness end?
sorry to hear about your loss.

Nicole said...

This post confirms your awesomeness... you dress edgy and can back it up by keeping up with the guys! And I totally agree... even if you're not going out-out, why look sloppy? You can still be comfy and look amazing :)


Meagan said...

I love *everything* about this outfit. And I swear I'm in love with that horseshoe necklace!

wobblinbetty said...

this is awesome, love that blouse

Anonymous said...

You look like a cool chick. I love the shiny leggings and those OTK boots.

Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

Ashley McConnell said...

it still shocks me when i like somethinng jessica simpson has put her name on, but yet again, here I am loving those boots.

nice style! following you now.

lauraa said...

Great post, made me laugh. I like knowing the thought processes behing an outfit, its always fun. Love that outfit all the more for the reasoning behind it!

Pierrot le Fou said...

awesome look! and i totally know what you mean about walking that fine line haha!

I'd say I'm girly but not graceful enough haha

Isquisofrenia said...

i really like how you dress for your dude friends
and you look hot i really love the top looks so good on you
i might buy something similar to this i saw at the store the other day!
oh love those boots by the way!

Matt said...

Your boots are simply awesome, and IMO look so much more sexy when unfolded :)