Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Wear: Tundra Treatment

Everyone is feeling the affects of Old Man Winter this year, right?
I think the Mayans might be on to something, I think this is the end of the world, 2012 is fastly approaching!

Seriously, what's up with this?  Just as we get the sidewalks scraped, our toes finally thaw out, and we get our lives back in gear, mother nature has to come and dump more slush and crap on us.
No one can catch a break this winter...pure Tundra everywhere I go!
Snow @ dawn
Although the one pretty thing I'm really into right now, is the glare the snow provides on my roof.  It's such a softening light reflected off its surface.  The top photo is without a flash and its lovely 
(not me, just the lighting)
I suppose until spring rolls around I'll keep trying my luck with layers and a mish-mash of whatever I throw together to stay warm and be functional.
As you can see, I somehow managed to mix in a girly piece (the tunic), which I think softens the entire look completely.  It adds a well needed balanced element into the outfit.
This may be one of my better layering moments if I do say so myself.
So stay warm out there kids, stock up on food, take it easy...winter is only half way over.
And if I'm any sorta weather afficionado, I hear there's a HUGE EPIC ICE STORM coming to 1/3 of the country.  YIKES!  

*Cardigan-Alberto Makali
*Chiffon tunic-H&M
*Boots-Jessica Simpson
*Necklace-Brooklyn Charm 


Nicole said...

I totally agree, the tunic softens the look and pulls everything together! Love it... you're bundled up without looking like an eskimo ;)


grace said...

gasp! the lighting is so pretty. and this is at night?

julianne. said...

you are gorgeous.
i love the outfit.<3

Living Foxy said...

I'm lucky to be living in AZ where it's always nice and warm. I'm a new follower.

Come follow me:)

lauraa said...

I agree! Lovely layering, really like it. keep warm!

Alexandra said...

Hahaha look at you braving the snow for a photo shoot. What a trooper! I'm hoping I can get some sweet pictures when I visit my dad in Chicago this weekend. As of five hours ago their count was 18" downtown with an expected 2-4" per hour as it still comes down. Had a friend who basically spent the night on Lake Shore Drive last night because of it. Reallly crazy stuff.

Isquisofrenia said...

this is so cool i really lke your cardigan looks amazing with this snow and you look gorgeous!

those tricks said...

Totally with you on the light.
That last shot looks like a set!!
In a good (great!) way.

Hannah said...

The sunset lighting in these photos looks so lovely, almost.. other worldly. Almost.
How appropriate that you would match your surroundings with the white/brown stripes. (I totally noticed)