Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #1-Sweet as Sodapop

Recently I was approached by Garrott Designs to collaborate with them on creating 30 different looks for their new Garrott Tee (check out their blog for commentary on how I "rock the Garrott tee", its quite humorous, but oh so true).

So for the next 30 weeks I will bring you one new way of wearing the Garrott Tee each week.
Woot Woot!  
I hope to inspire Garrott Designs' customers and show them there's more than just a jeans and tshirt way of wearing such an item.  There's a never ending plethora of ways to style up a t-shirt; so get ready and let me know your thoughts on how I'm doing with my styling gig.
For Look #1, I wore it to work on a Wednesday.  I took a rather girly pale pink silk skirt and added a dose of femininity to the masculine colors of the Garrott Tee.  
A little of what I like to think of as being 
"Sweet as Sodapop!"
I thought it to be a nice balance between the grays of the tee and the pale blushy pink of the skirt.
I topped it off with a cardigan, opaque tights, and suede shoes, all in black of course!
Oh and a scarf as a finishing accessory, you know me...I can't go anywhere without a scarf, my neck loves them what can I say.
And perfecto...modern day office artsy fartsy; perfect for my day gig as a fashion designer.
If you like the look; and want to get in on this yourself, or want to let me know how you'd style it up well go and grab a tee yourself while supplies last.

Garrott Tee: $20 w/FREE shipping within the United States
Click HERE for purchase
On a different note, along the same lines however since I am still wearing the Garrott Tee, I had another thing to go to that particular day.  Not just an office then home kinda thing...nope.  I was off after work to see a show, and there was one person in particular I like to impress with my dress whenever possible.  I had to go from day to night and what better way to take it up a notch than to 
show a little more leg?

I am rather fond of my legs so I never mind going with shorter hemlines, in fact it helps me look even longer and leaner than I try to be to begin with (secret: I'm not really that tall!  True Story)

Sooooo, with a little twirl....
And some pep in my step...
And the skirt pulled up to my ribcage instead of waistline, and well we've got ourselves an empire looking dress of sorts. 
And looky there, I get longer legs!
A win-win situation for me indeed.
A little switcheroo of the skirt length and looks like 
I'm a little more "wild as a mink" 
than "sweet as sodapop";
 but hey whatever works...and this worked!
*Black cardigan-Alberto Makali
*Gray teeshirt-Garrot Designs
*Pink silk skirt-H&M
*Black scarf-H&M
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black suede shoes-BCBGgirls
*Black bracelets and silver earrings-H&M


Charmalade said...

I like how you showed the easy transition between the "sweet" and the "sou--" I mean, "wild." you aren't fake Chinese sauce, what am I saying.

And I like to show a little more leg from time to time, too. It's probably one of my better assets (on the outside, I hope!). And yeah DANG yes your legs do look super long in the last pictures, so you totally achieved what you were going for. :D

I also like to pair pink and black too, though not in a Hot Topic way. The color palette is darling.

Toast with Charmalade

ashley mcconnell said...

Pink+grey=FINE! Love the looks! x

No said...

i adore any combination of pink and grey. well, any bright/soft color paired with grey is A++ in my book. so, basically, what I'm attempting (poorly) to say is that: you look fantasmic, i heart you in pink and, as Charmalade said, your legs look aMAYzing.

Isquisofrenia said...

oh how cool congrats and this outfit is so lovely on you
i like how you put the skirt with the blazer like that!

Jana said...

I love your look in this!

I'm catching up on your blog, been crazy busy but I miss you, we need to hang out soon.

PS I see that vodka bottle in the background ;)

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I gotta say, I'm excited to see the 30 looks you're going to make out of this tshirt. I've always been really intrigued by the tshirt under blazer I'm-too-cool-for-school look. But, in practice, I look like a dummy whenever I've tried it. My poor t-shirts, they mostly get stuck in a rut and get worn with jeans, or worse with yoga pants around the house. I feel like a neglectful parent. So, let's get this started - I want 29 more ways to wear tshirt! ok, go!

xx said...

super cute! love your bangs xx

Unknown said...

You look awesome! That tee fits in with what I've seen of your style perfectly, which I love. Its always so nice when bloggers do advertising things which fit really well with their aesthetic. looking forward to seeing what you do with it for the next 29 goes!

Santina said...

Congratulations on the collaboration - what an amazing opportunity! I love the tee with that sweet as could be skirt - sweet and edgy is one of my favorite aesthetics!