Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily Wear: Snow Dayz-zzzzz

As much as I love the snow, these blizzard-like conditions NYC has been hit with recently aren't leaving much to desire in terms of my clothing options.
It's got me down in the dumps, feeling gray about the closet situation, and well let me just go ahead and say it-practical snowboots don't have heels, and I don't dig flats.
What's a girl to do?
I used to like these boots I bought 2yrs ago, I thought they'd work well for the snow and with my NEED for height.  But now I'm bored.  I don't like the way they look, and I don't like the way my snow day outfits come together.  It's one big snooze fest, and obviously I'm just not getting how you all look like cute little snowbunnies out there in these slushy snowy streets, and I just look like a layered up alterna-teen from the 90s.

Do tell...where are you all finding your cute snowboots?
Or are you those lucky kids that live outside of NYC and can actually own a car and drive places? I remember those days, I never had need for snowboots then--driving allows for impractical clothing and lousy snow-worthy shoes 95% of the time.  Yeah, I never wore snow-related items during actual snow days when I drove.  

I guess this conundrum of mine is more directed toward those concrete city stompers, like myself.
PLEASE---Tell me where I can find some cute, affordable yet quality, snowboots that'll not make me look like a stumpy shrimp, but won't have me falling on my %$#ss either?
Or do you think I should just suck it up and stick with these one more winter?
Even though I am starting to despise them, I don't even dig the bright orange insides anymore which was the original attraction.  Clearly, my boot crush is over for these kicks.
Stupid Snow Day Attire includes:
*Black hoodie-who knows where?
*Black/White scarf-Banana Republic
*Charcoal Gray sweatshirt-F21
*Coral tank-Old Navy
*Black leggings-F21
*Gray socks-H&M
*Green Boots-Timberland


Charmalade said...

STORY OF MY LIFE every wintertime. I totally wrote a post similar to this about the conundrum of fashionably practical winter boots last year, too. My solution (at least for now) is to keep a pair of flats in my purse so I can just switch into them when I'm inside. But that kind of skirts the issue, doesn't it...

I heard those duck boots that are in right now are pretty durable, so maybe those. And right now I'm wearing these military style boots that are fairly sturdy and have the tiniest bit of heel. Because I agree, the not-in-a-good-way-chunky winter boots can be a bit of a downer. :/

Good luck on your winter endeavors! :D

Toast with Charmalade

anna marie said...

i've given up on cute winter footwear! the last two years, i tried to just do regular boots, but my toes were perpetually freeeeeeezing & the boots fell apart.

this year? i'm embracing the fur. i picked up a pair of uggs. they're still kind of ugly in my opinion, but with the 5ish feet of snow we've already gotten since december, i thought warm toes > looking cute.

damn this winter stuff!

pizza'd to death said...

For the first time since I was a child, I have practical boots. A pair of Sorel Alpine boots with a wool liner. I figured, I have 4wheel drive for my wheels, why wouldn't I treat my feet the same?

lauraa said...

Ach i know the feeling... but I actually think those boots are great practical boots- they look cute. If I start hating something i spent a fair bit on, I force myself to style it in a thousand different ways in my room till i find something that works. I think with those I'd try something like a pair of slim high waist pants (wearing thermals underneath- my favourite winter treat!) with a vest, tee, jumper and then cardies and a whole load of jewels and a big hat. I find it helps to have a bit of fun and do something new when i feel something dragging me down a bit.
Still, I think you're being harsh on yourself, you look good!

missDTM said...

i hear you. nyc winter has been super crappy and i am also bored of wearing my stupid snow boots. i've had these boots for...3 years? and they've been good to me, but i want to wear my cute boots again!

i'm rocking serious ll bean duck boots. and i do think they are/were cute because i love mixing boy-ish pieces with girly stuff...but always wearing skirts/dresses with my duck boots is annoying.

unfortunately, from experience, getting some cute snow bunny looking boots never keeps my feet warm or i'm sticking with my duck boots and trying to style them in as many different ways as i can...till i can wear my cute shoes again...

good luck! and please post whatever you find!

those tricks said...

I have a vintage pair of moon boots (liek the actual brand MOON BOOTS) that I got new on ebay several years ago. They are really tall, lace up the back and have a faux lace lining. The boots are exceptionally warm and winter-ready.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I am always shocked the day after a big storm here when I see so many ridiculous people in not-waterprrof footwear. I mean, do these people literally walk around with wet feet ALL DAY? It baffles me. I bought wedge heeled snow boots last winter because I was tired of trudging around in my legit Columbia snowboots (I ski, ok? It's totally fine). I got them of Rue La La and they're by Topsider (so random) but they're pretty warm, totally waterproof and pretty cute. (for snow's all relative).

urbanrhetoric said...

i have 2 pairs...a pretty standard pair from nine west (super warm, not so cute) and a pair from michael kors...basically, they are duck boots with a 5 in heel (super cute, not so warm).

i actually adore the boots you have on in these pics...maybe you are just tired of the weather and not the boots?


Anonymous said...

Those boots are killer.

I don't even own winter boots even though I live in Colorado. It's so hard to find cute ones! So instead I just wear regular boots and end up with gross wet feet. Because I'm cool like that? haha. Not really.

Meagan said...

First, I think you look great and I can't imagine your outfits *ever* being drab. But I would definitely consider some flat boots. It can be hard to find the perfect pair, but when you find some you love, you tend to forget they don't have heels. It just takes a while of looking to find them!

Lisa said...

I say ride out this Winter with your current boots and wait for end of season sales to pick up some new boots for next winter!

I really dig those boots, by the way. I too have a pair of timberland boots for winter weather...this is my 4th winter with them and I'm only starting to notice some troubling wear on them...and I wear these boots pretty much daily. They sure know how to make quality boots.

Elle Sees said...

my winter post is tomorrow! but not as stylish as yours

thisgirlbeck said...

i really like your hair, its fab


Lauren said...

I think your boots are cute! Love the layerng of this outfit. Thanks for your coment, have a fab week xo

grace said...

i got these cheapo things while in knoxville. theres not much to them, but they satisfy the need for a small heel and seem to hold up surprisingly well (decent traction, waterproof, etc)