Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Monday: Rocky Top

We all know that music influences fashion, and fashion influences music (er...the Thong Song anyone?)
So I figure I'll start up a new section called Music Monday.  From time to time, on a Monday of course, I'll let you in on what I'm currently listening to, what's burning up my speakers, and basically the song or band I'm obsessing about at that given moment.

For me, there's one song I've loved since a child, its never worn out its welcome on my ipod, and it sure as heck my favorite part of all weddings where I hail from.
(Until you partake in the partnered up bridge type dance thingy we do, you'll just have to hope you get an invite to my wedding so you can see it for yourself--its complete redneck fun!)

that very song is:

and the inspiration behind this here blog's namesake.
"Wild as a mink, but sweet as sodapop" is a line, 
and it describes me ever so spot-on, if you haven't crossed me that is.

I listen to this song almost daily, and everytime I can't help but feel that really throwing in the towel and calling it quits in NYC would be lovely if I could just move to Tennessee already--we all know I've got major love for Nashville, but sometimes I think even a quiet simple life in the Smoky Mountains would be quite delightful.
I could take a cue from the original Backwoods Barbie herself!
She grew up there afterall, she's amazing, and well she's got the same types of morals and ethics I live why not try to pull my own Dolly-esque look outta my closet and head for the hills?
I would DIE to wear gingham and cut-off shorts all summer long.
I'd fit right in, not that I'd see anyone because I wouldn't have neighbors for miles!
But how beautiful right?  And gingham...all the time!
You noticed I mentioned cut-off may also notice that it was a bit of my uniform this past summer.  So if not to channel Dolly, maybe some Daisy Duke would suffice.  She's always had that awesome redneck style workin' in her favor.  
Pretty sure her style would be a great fit for this fantasy cabin living world I'm conjuring up in my head.
I think I'm half way there-I've got the denim shorts and I'm down with the "good ol' boys".  
IMG_0675Fourth of JulySaturday in the East Village
Look at me...just one big piece of white trash.  Heels, cut-offs, PBR, and a tan that looks like I've rolled around in dirt...I'll fit right in.
Maybe even a fine gent like this guy will take me for his wife.  
Then it will all just be a question of how exactly do I live.  What style of country living am I going to reside amongst?  I really can't decide just yet...I love both looks, both conjure up such different moods and images...its a toughie
Do I hope Mountain Man husband builds me a rustic cabin, 
complete with this most coveted antler chandelier?
Or do I pray for the whimsical shabby chic cabin of every country girl's dream?

Stunning isn't it?  

So Rocky Top...listening to that song for years now, its made me, on frequent occasions, wish that I could trade my city life in for fresh outdoor air, a simpler fashion sense, and to plant roots of my own, in the hills where Dolly hails from.

But would this pavement cruncher, city-fied girl last in the wilderness in a cabin with no one around but herself and the dense population of black bears?
And what about wearing heels?  It's hard to walk thru the woods in heels-believe me, I know!
(and I'm sure you're all not surprised by that one bit)

So, do any of you out there like bluegrass?  
Or is it just a freakish characteristic I possess?
Ha-or better yet, should I ask if any of you know this dance to Rocky Top that I mentioned?  If so we should be BFFs.  Just sayin'


Tom said...

I lovvvve this song!!!!! THanks for posting it!

anna marie said...

love it!

i've been obsessed with pretty much any song with a harmonica in it recently. you should really listen to mason jennings - memphis, tennesee! it's so good!

xo.anna marie

Elle Sees said...

i lived in TN for a bit & my sis was born there, so it'll always have a special place in my heart.

Isquisofrenia said...

let me hear this song now.
man you look awesome wearing shorts
hows the wether is ny rightnow
is it cold as ice or not that bad!

grace said...

i dont dance to rocky top everyday....but im from TN! and dream of moving back there daily....grew up hating it, but think i could love it now.

a-man-duh said...

I know all the words and the dance and everything bluegrass! In fact, didn't we have a little incident at Hanks once...

Isquisofrenia said...

oh thank you , yeah just if you find something just let me know what would you like from my wardrobe .
and yeah its been like 65 here in california
kinda sunny but at night still cold.

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

Finally watched this and laughed out loud a little. Yr a funny lady. But don't you dare move!!!! NOT ALLOWED.

Chelsey said...

I'm from right next to the Smokey Mountains! =] I also happen to frequent Dollywood most days during the summer. If you've never been you should definitely go!

Singletonlifq said...

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