Friday, January 7, 2011

SURPRISE!!!!!!! I actually LOVE you.

Happy Friday!

Who doesn't love a surprise?
I'm guessing my readers are a wee bit like me...and WE LOVE SURPRISES!

And since I kinda love you too, I'm giving you a surprise!
A surprise Giveaway.

Here's a hint,
It's a little somethin'-somethin' I whipped up at my fave charm store:

Believe me, this store lets your creative juices run wild, lets you get your "cute" on with their selection of merch, and all around is just awesome! 
I take all of my friends here when we hang out in my 'hood.
So my little and old;
all you gotta do is
1. follow my blog-either here or on my FB fanpage
2. Leave your email address in the "comment"
(how else can I contact you if you win?)

And voila, you're entered!  Pretty simple and easy as pie, right?
I'll name the RANDOM winner next weekend--Sunday 1/16/10,
so make sure to enter before 8pm (NYC time!)

PS-none of these pics are my own, just sayin'


Rebecca Miller said...

Ahhhhh.....I love this

Alyson said...

Of course I follow you... dduuuhhh

And of course I want something made by you!!!

anna marie said...


this made my morning!

xo.anna marie

allison said...

following!!! <3<3<3

Alexandra said...

You KNOW I want to enter girl!
(But I think you probably already know that! Haha)

olygirl said...

How exciting! I'm a follower!!

missDTM said...

i DO love surprises! yay for giveaways!

Nicole said...

A surprise prize! But I bet whatever you made is fantastic :) I follow you through blogger and bloglovin' and you can contact me at

Jennifer said...

Ooh...i can't wait to see what it is, I hope i win.

kellywanhainen said...

Brooklyn Charm looks like my DREAM store!!

you already know my email, but here it is again!

idée_géniale said...

I love surprises. How did you know?
Although you'll probably put my name back in the hat you drew it out of, I'm still entering.

you can reach me here: melsonier(a) gmail (dot) com. Just in case you needed to get a hold of me.

Isquisofrenia said...

man you cant do that i love surprises but i really wanna know what s the giveaway now hahahha
i guess happy friday to all of us!

Hannah said...

I sure do love a surprise!

melina bee said...

thanks! I follow through google friend connect

The Daily Fashionista said...

If Mel wins this it's totally rigged:) hehe...

That place look super duper cute, so I'm entering. And yeah I follow!

Poppy said...

Surprises are the best.

xx Poppy

parisblue77 (@) gmail (.) com

Melody said...

I love surprises! : )

Tanya said...

Great blog!

Elle Sees said...

Isquisofrenia said...

your the best ,thank you or if you ever go to a trhirt shop just buy one and then just sell it to me=)
yeah report back
love ya girl!!

a-man-duh said...

pick me, pick

urbanrhetoric said...

i thought i had already entered!

Anonymous said...

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