Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Know What'cha Got, Till It's Gone

I don't know how its possible I had forgotten about this one t-shirt for almost a year, maybe more...I honestly can't even recall the last time I wore it.
Then, a little over a week and a half ago when I was rootin' thru my dresser drawer looking for the perfect vintage tee to compliment my bandage skirt and give me that "metal girl" look, it was as if angels sang and a bright light shown down from the heavens....
YES!!!!!!!  Perfect Look in the form of a Cinderella Tshirt.
I've missed you my dear Cinderella sorry I had you buried below 20 other random things.
Phew...almost thought it was gone, that is, once I remembered I even owned this one.
I had gone out for a friend's birthday that night...and knowing I had yet another birthday party I was due at after midnight, well I needed an outfit that portrayed the girl that knows how to do it up right, party all night, stay out till the wee hours.
A rock girl can do that right?
By now though, you might be sick of me and all my "rock n roll glory".  Duh, we know this is a style I've got down.  I just needed to get one more out there...then I promise I'll do something different for a few posts.  No more rock tees for at least a week, deal?
Its about time I show you I can do something else with my wardrobe anyhow right?
I'm sure by now you're all bored seeing me in yet another vintage concert tee...because really, am I not just rubbbing in everyone's faces that I have a plethora of amazing tees I've found or acquired thru my years??
(and all at amazing prices too might I under a dollar!  When if you look these babies up on ebay or etsy, well goodluck finding one of my rock tees for under $50...some of them are upwards of $150! who's the bargain hunter now!?!?)
Don't Know What'cha Got, Till It's Gone
*black vintage Cinderella tee-thrift store
*black bodycon bandage skirt-Express
*black textured tights-unknown
*black boots-Jessica Simpson
*black belt, bag, and bracelets-H&M

By the way...if I ever need to make my hair even lengths again...looks like I'm doomed to a bob.  Least its not so bad; I actually rather quite like the look of a bob on me from what I'm seeing in this picture, no?
No need for me to rethink hairstyles just yet--if anything, I'll be going DARK DARK DARK before I go SHORT SHORT SHORT.


Alexandra said...

Who get's sick of rock'n'roll glory? I love it, as per usual. Looking foxy!

Eugenia Woods said...

Love the shirt! A bob would look great on you!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I could totally see a bob on you! I basically don't cut my hair, so I like to encourage others to do so. And you look pretty badass. I like how you can hoe-down country style or rock out. I'm pretty sure I can only pull off the from the boondocks style, haha.

lauraa said...

I will never be bored of your rock looks, I get to live vicariously through you! Another great tee. Jealousy!

Meagan said...

I'm so jealous of your Cinderella t-shirt! I'm such a fan of hair metal. Where do you find all your vintage t-shirts?