Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #2-Casual Fridays

For my second go-around, styling up the Garrott Tee, I went with a business casual approach...something for those dressed down Fridays.
I think its appropriate to just go ahead and call Look #2 "Casual Fridays".
There's always been a laidback downtown vibe about pairing a tshirt with a blazer.  It's always been something I'm drawn to, particularly in terms of my approach to dressing for work.
I'm in the creative industry therefore I have a lot of freedom in how I real code to stick with, I can go short and inappropriate, or I can go conservative and office perfect.  Generally I try to ride the fine line between both.  
In doing so, I find a casual vibe like a tshirt, echoes my own personal style, while the classic sophistication of a blazer gives the outfit that last final touch.  The blazer definitely elevates a tee to the next level, adding a sharp pulled-together look about the entire outfit.
Keepin' it sleek with some skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, and voila!
Perfect for your casual Friday at the office.
Don't hesitate if you want to try it for yourself, any tee would work, but obviously, I'm fond of the Garrott Tee.
As mentioned before, its only $20, put it in your cart and check out HERE
And if you do stop by the site, look at some of the other sections, not just the store...Garrott Designs is the brainchild of one of the most amazing artists/illustrators I've ever been acquainted with.  I want to fill my walls with her beautiful watercolor fashion illustrations/paintings...gorgeous;
 simply gorgeous!
And I thought I WAS good at the fashion illustration thing...she's blows me outta the water any ol' day!
*Blazer-Uban Outfitters
*Tshirt-Garrott Designs
*Boots-Jessica Simpson


Nicole said...

Great outfit, that would be perfect for casual Friday at my typical corporate office! I love the t-shirt... the watercolor design makes the graphic tee more artsy vs. casual.

Lara said...

Hey! I have missed you posts! I have been completely MIA....reason? Baby! (ok, I didn't have one, but will be in September) so it has been a BIT hectic! :D

Alyson said...

If I had a casual friday, I would wear this. However, we don't (I know... WTF?)

My boss did finally pick up on the fact that getting ready for me everyday is a lot like playing dress up. She wore patterned tights (in black but still patterned) which means I'm rubbing off on her.

I do love that tee, its pretty!

Isquisofrenia said...

i wanna work in a office too
i never done the office thing ,i think it must be really cool ,im into office supply thing
i love to go to staples and look at all the stuff they have there hahhaha
do i sound weird?
anywyas i really like your tee looks so damn cool
and the boots are killer!!

Meagan said...

I love that t-shirt with the blazer! I can't believe you don't have good thrift stores in NYC! Are you serious? That's kind of heartbreaking news!