Thursday, February 17, 2011

Style Crush: Vidal Sassoon's Amazing 'dos...of course

If there's one man out there who's style that is, I crush on-well it would be none other than 
Mr. Vidal Sassoon!
My friend Cristina (who coincidentally also happens to be my hairstylist extraordinaire) and I simply cannot wait to see this documentary on Vidal.  Lucky for us we live in the big city where as this movie is only playing in the big city(ies)--sorry folks, the rest of you will just have to wait for the DVD to salivate over the lustworthy locks.

Now if you're questioning why I think he's Style Crush worthy-lets review:

He is credited for giving us one of the most classic styles around, and providing us many variations on it as well, the legendary BOB!

He ever so skillfully took his shears to Mary Quant's noggin,

He shocked the world by snipping off Mia Farrow's locks during "Rosemary's Baby", 
giving her a pixie I still envy to this day,

He took our fave little british model, Twiggy, and made her soooooo darn gamine and cute.

Pretty much anyone he got his hands on was given a whole new personality, a whole new life, a whole new attitude, just with the skill he possessed with a pair of scissors.
There's such a sleek sophistication to a Sassoon style, no one can come close to ever outdoing him!
He's a master, and I covet his cuts....I will forever have style envy as I long to be cool enough to someday get one of my own
(actually, I had a Sassoon influenced cut my first week in NYC, it was my first NY haircut ever...but sadly, it was not nearly anything like I wish it could have been...but then again, no one but the man himself can really give me what I want.  And alas, we know Vidal will never touch these locks of mine...I cry cry cry)
Ah, ladies....I WANT YOUR HAIR!

Ok so after I see the movie, hopefully next week cause I think its only in NYC theaters for 2wks then its gone gone gone, I'll give you a little recap, a little review of sorts and tell you what I think.

PS-staring at these pics, I'm just completely in awe and drooling right now.


Selma Selimovic said...

I love the short hairstyles.

Isquisofrenia said...

oh the bob so many styles
i want my long hair now i dont know why but i kinda miss it!!