Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily Wear: Mix Master Flash!

Just as everyone is gearing up for spring (and believe me, I'm ready), it appears I feel the need to dig deep into the depths of my wardrobe and pull out the most fall-esque color palate available in my clothing selection.
Ahhhhhh, while this may be so, and it may be only a few days from the start of spring, I do have to say I enjoy the mix of prints and shades of brown I've managed to make work.
It's just a shame I didn't think of this combination say....back in October; gah!
Eh...in regard to the outfit, I guess the temperature is still working in my favor.
Afterall, the beginning of spring and the end of fall are usually about the same reading on the thermometer.
And even if the flowers are wanting to bloom, and the April showers are right around the corner, one can't say I didn't pull out some of my mix-master skillz with this one.
The dark brown and black of the caridgan are found within the blouse print, while the beige of the boots are practically the same background color of the blouse too.
And then there's my "oh-so-bold for Nickie" efforts with the brick colored lipstick.
YES, LIPSTICK--not even gloss; I know...unheard of!

So I got this one right a little too late, no biggee...least I've got it down for next October.
Oooh, and more accessories than you'll probably usually see me in.
The cute little vintage handbag-one of my favorite all-time scores at the thrift store in Akron, OH.
The rings, my 3 favorites of the gold variety.
And....duh duh duh, , the necklace--I made it!  Too bad I didn't get a great shot of it AT ALL!  I wasn't thinking.  But yes, yours truly put her wire wrapping, loop knowledge, and old charms to great use on this one.  It's my new go-to gold necklace.
*Brown leopard cardigan-H&M
*Multi color printed blouse-Kensie (thanks Mel!)
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Beige boots-Jessica Simpson
*Brown vintage handbag-Thrift Store
*Rings-thrift store(s) and The Limited
*Necklace-DIY creation


Meagan said...

I love, love, love all these layers. You're so creative!

Natalie said...

I love your outfits posts...The building you're in has sooo much character & I love what you did w/ the black bucket. Cute outfit!!! Boots are TDF.

Unknown said...

I like your risky mix of prints!

Also, awesome job on the necklace! It's so rewarding making your own jewelry and getting to tell people it's an original creation.