Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #5-Gothic Lolita (All Grown Up)

This is a completely different look for me, but oh so appropriate for Garrott Designs' influences/inspirations; and what I believe to be a parallel influence on her designs.
Ever since I got my hands on the "Without My Muse" t-shirt I had a vision of this outfit.  I knew at some point in my challenge of 30 Looks/30 Days I would style this up and create my grown-up version of the "Gothic Lolita"
I started off by pulling out all the layers, piling on the accessories, and before long I came to the finished look.
(However, looking back on it, I'd probably pair my vintage velvet bolero with it just to pull it all together and make it just a smidge more "grown up" than it already is)
While this is a far cry from my usual look, it was rather quite fun to put it all together.
--I started off with a sheer chiffon polka dot Betsey Johnson dress--its oh so girly, and very frilly...and I've never worn it!  Hmmm, probalby because I am not usually girly and frilly but in a moment of weakness I completely broke down and bought it last year.
--Then, on top I put the Garrott Tee and let the ruffly collar of the dress to peek out at the neckline--just for some victorian-esque shits and giggles.
--And of course the tulle tiered tutu like always makes my outfits frothy and fun.
--I did however forgo the typical maryjanes one would most likely pair with such an outfit...instead I chose my sky high lace up booties--I feel I should wear these more often and I just don't-maybe its because if I wore them to the office I'd just feel impractical moreso than I usually am.
Maybe this weekend I'll give them a go???

Anyhow, back to the outfit at hand...
--throw on some lacy knee-highs or stockings and a few pearly details like a bracelet and earrings and how about a big ol' cocktail ring to boot? 
And boom!  A girly gothic lolita of a lady!
*Ivory polka dot chiffon dress(underneath layer)-Betsey Johnson
*Black tulle skirt-F21
*Gray "without her muse" tshirt-Garrott Designs
*Black lace knee-highs-H&M
*Black peeptoe booties-Steve Madden
*Cocktail Ring-H&M
*Pearl bracelet and earrings-Macy's (??)

Soooooooo....does anyone out there do this type of style? 
If so, may I completely 100% suggest you check out Garrott Designs?
You'll LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff, its perfect for you.
Not that she's all dark and emo (she's happy and laughy on occasion, I know her personally),
 but its perfect for the girl with a chip on her shoulder and The Cure on her ipod.


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Ahhh Nickie, I love this look! It is a bit different for you, but I think it's cute and edgy...which is basically your style. And the knee-highs are an awesome touch, very too sophisticated to be a schoolgirl, but oh hey i made you think it, now didn't i? LOVE.

xo, Ashley

Lara said...

This is different for you but, I totally love it on you anyways! I like the frills a lot!

lauraa said...

This looks fricking amazing on you! Have LOVED the remixes you've done with this tee, you've done some really fun things

Meagan said...

Super cute, in the darkest, most goth way, of course. I absolutely love all the layers you have going on here!

Mens Suits said...

Nice im so happy about this, you've done another update today. Yet my girlfriend will be happy if she saw your dress. Hoping for her reply about this.

Em. said...

I love this! When I was in middle school, I had quite the Japanese culture phase (although I didn't pull it off as well as you). Doubt I could fit into any of that stuff anymore, though.

grace said...

i want to dress gothic lolita in the bad. but the semi grown-up non-japanese version, i guess.