Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leave It to the (hana) Professional!

I'm slightly obsessed with hair, specifically MY HAIR.  If you know me, you know I'm one to comb thru magazine after magazine, hair site after site, constantly seeking out the perfect-slightly edgy, hairstyle for my noggin'.  As soon as I walk out of the salon I'm thinking of what I'll do to it when I walk back in there 8wks later for a trim. (er....totally new cut as is usually the case).

So, it was much to my delight when Misikko (a leading online store of professional styling tools, such as The Babybliss Pro and Professional Hair Dryers) contacted me to try out one of their best selling professional Flat Irons.
Most of my hairstyles require razor sharp edges, sleek tresses, and STRAIGHT hair in order to fully bring out the angles of the style I sport. 
So giving me a flat iron to test out is a no brainer!  I LIVE for flat irons!  I pack mine up with me and take it everywhere--vacation, photoshoots, etc.
Up until I got the Hana Professional from Misikko (shown above) I was content using my typical department store inexpensive flat iron (shown below).  I was curious to see how the professional styling tool stood up against is less pricey version...and to see if spending a large percentage more on a professional tool was really worth it.
(I have recently purchased a professional hairdryer to which I can attest that it makes a world of difference...it was well worth the hefty price tag in comparison to the crappy Conair dryer I had used before.  Soooooooo with that being said I had high hopes for the Hana Professional and the wonders it might do for my coif)
So let's begin with a little background info on how I go about styling my hair.
First off, I start by blow drying my hair...to which it is left in this wavy natural state...not so great if I want to really show the cut my stylist gave me.
Before the Hana Professional, I had been using a Remington w/ceramic tourmaline plates. 
I would turn it on and set it at 320degrees. 
(I have babyfine locks, not thick at all, so I don't need to go very high in the temperature unless I want to risk disasterous damage)
Generally, I was always pleased with the efficiency of the Remington...it heated up in a timely fashion, did its job, never caused frizzy fried hair...just after a few weeks my hair would have its typical split ends and wear and tear...but nothing I could blame on cheapie flat iron.
Then, along came my Hana Professional (also with ceramic tourmaline plates).
The instruction booklet (which I read front to back, thank you) instructed me 302 degrees would be an ideal setting.
Done and done!
(although I was a little skeptical about the results considering the temp setting was a whole 18degrees less than my usual...but I trusted the professional advice and went with it for this test).
And here are the results:
The cheapie store-bought version
-I had deep conditioned my hair that morning as I do every Saturday.
-In the end, I have sleek hair and some volume
-This is my version of a good hairday...inexpensive flat-iron does the trick!

The Hana Professional Version
-Again, I deep conditioned my hair as this was a Saturday
-I achieved extreme poker straight hair, but little volume
-I start to notice more frizzies than usual too.  Hmmmmm
Overall, I am pleased with the Hana Professional...it heats up really fast, within seconds I swear!
It really does straighten hair, and I mean STRAIGHT!
It doesn't hurt that Misikko offers lots of free perks with the purchase of the flat-iron either; I got a pouch for it-a heat pad to protect the surface where I'd be laying the iron-and it has a 2yr warranty.  Not too shabby!
Oh.....and let's not forget to point out the "INSTANT HAPPY FACTOR"--I got it in PINK!!!!!!!!

I will continue to use my Hana Professional, but I will also hold on to the Remington perhaps for travel just in case I am to lose it I won't be heartbroken--were I to leave behind the professional tool, then yes, I'd be a bit heartbroken.

So ladies and gents, if you're in the market for a new flat-iron or other professional styling tool I would suggest checking out Misikko.com.  They have a great selection and huge deals, price cuts galore! However, if you do not have cash to throw down on a professional styling tool at this time, then by all means stick with the store-bought inexpensive flat iron. 

After my little test-run with both irons, I cannot honestly say the inexpensive version is horrible...not at all--I think the Remington completely holds its own to the Hana Professional. 
And, I cannot honestly say the Hana Professional blew the cheapie version out of the water...No, it did its job, but nothing of epic proportions.
Basically, I would be happy with either iron, oh wait...I have both!

(but please...take my advice on the professional hair-dryer thing, seriously...the professional dryer I bought does wonders...dries my hair so much faster, less damage, and just overall a much more wonderful experience and tool to hold in my hand)


Lemondrop Marie said...

Love your haircut! I have a cheap iron and need a better one- but I am lazy, thanks for the research,

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Alexandra said...

Pink is ALWAYS a plus! My hair is ridiculously thick, so I've always had a WAY easier time with the professional straighteners. I think the biggest plus for me is that at our salon, once your straightener stops working, for any reason (I think we dropped one on the floor and it cracked one time), you can just bring it back and exchange it for another one. They don't even ask for a receipt because they know that's where we get them. I think my mom and I have probably spent $250 originally for two straighteners, but we have definitely gone through at LEAST 6 or 7 of them between us. For me that's totally worth it, and I think there have been times that we've exchanged them just because they didn't seem to be getting as hot as usual!

Smart idea to keep both and use the other one for travel- I think I lost a blow dryer in NYC a few summers ago... but I'm still not totally sure about that one. Haha.

kellywanhainen said...

I've always wondered what the difference would be to someone with SUPER curly hair like mine..I've always used a $20 straightener that my mom got me at sally's..It keeps my hair straight IN THE RAIN, so I've never needed a reason to get another one. Plus I hardly ever straighten my hair! But I love that you took the chance, and I'm pretty sure that once I have the money I need to invest in a GOOD blowdryer..I love mine, but I know my hair could look better!

Claire said...

cool haircut!


Malù said...

Love last pic, you look stunning!

Alyson said...

I too was using a cheap-o flat iron. It was actually a crazy look contraption, but it was ceramic.

Then came the love of my life, I won a PINK paul mitchell flat iron, and it changed my life.

Although, my hair is flat iron straight even without using it.. I love curling it with the flat iron.

Isquisofrenia said...

oh so cool! i wish they would give me something like that to test
yeah i need a new iron flat mine sux big time
its the cheapest of the cheapiest!