Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #8-Fandango

This week I bring you a more laidback, more practical, more casual version of the Garrott Tee I've been styling up each week for Garrott Designs.
I'll admit the last few looks have been pretty out there, even for me; I assure you, this one is perfect for almost give it a whirl, or show me/tell me what you got for such an occasion I'm about to tell you about below.
Ok, so lets pretend I don't forget to use my Living Social coupon for two movie tix at just $9 total, that I bought last month (I've got till June before those babies expire...sooooo boyfriend, take note and pick a movie already...let's go eat some popcorn!).  This version of the "Without My Muse" tshirt would be a perfect look for a lowkey movie night with my main man, no?

It's one part sweet-what, with the lace dress underneath and all.
One part sassy-the Garrott Tee does that for me
One part-classic, thanks to my vintage Coach purse I turned into a clutch.

All in all, my idea of a successful movie outfit...comfy all the while being cute too.
Sooooooo let me just get on, use my Living Social discount code...and boyfriend and I are off to see something on the silver screen.
*Gray graphic tee-Garrott Designs 
For Sale, $20, HERE
*Pink lace dress-H&M
*Skinny Jeans-Uniqlo
*Taupe leather boots-Jessica Simpson
*Vintage Coach purse-Thrift Store
*Pearl banded watch-Swatch

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Evelina said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :)

I really like how you wore a graphic tee over a lace dress - I think I might use this as inspiration someday, haha. :)

I got the $9 livingsocial movie ticket deal as well! I'm considering saving it to use when the final HP movie comes out, haha. :)