Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Monday: Burritos, Nudies, and Gram=HEAVEN

 On this Monday, I want to enlighten you blog friends on a recent musical obsession of mine.
While I can't say I was a long time fan, because honestly I just came across these guys a few years back when I read "I'm with the Band", I can say I'm a quick one to jump right into their world as soon as I gave it a listen.

It's the alt-country sounds of the Flying Burrito Bros.!
 And their carefree spending that led them to purchasing Nudie Suits
Those things are amazing!  Highly creative, full of craftsmanship, and incredibly tacky in the most fantastic way.
See what I mean...click HERE
And without the ever so foxy Gram, I'm not sure if my obsession would've continued...
but yeah, he's a hottie and he keeps me comin' back for more day in and day out.
True story--for about 6 months I listen to the Burritos or Gram Parsons EVERYDAY!
As I listen to the true pioneer of country-rock, Gram Parsons, I fall more and more in love with his style.
I want to get some of those 60s and 70s threads, I want them on my body!  I want to relive that time I wasn't yet born for.
Maybe even better, if I could be one of the girls that hung out with the Burrito Bros
(perhaps gank their style...yeahhhhhh!)
maybe one of Zappa's GTOs so I could've been friends with Pamela Des Barres and Miss Christine for whom they wrote my 2nd fave Burritos' song, "Christine's Tune (AKA Devil In Disguise)":
But really, the song I cannot take off of repeat, "Hot Burrito #1"...there's something in that voice, he sounds like he's hurting...but whatever, again I just think he's real hot and extremely talented!  
But yeah...real hot for sure!

Are you surprised by this musical choice of mine?  I wouldn't be...if you know anything about me, please know I'm a country soul at heart.  This ol' rock n roller loves her some good old heart-wrenching country music
(only the older stuff, nothing on the radio now, lets get that straight).

And, also knowing I'm a woman of the fashion trade, it shouldn't be a surprise if I take a strong liking to the flashy get-ups of many a famous country crooner back in the day...from Porter Wagoner to George Jones...even to Elvis; these clothes they all donned--well its called a NUDIE SUIT of course!

Oh, right right, not all of you are into my stuff...so here's a quick breakdown of the Nudie Suit:
--an over the top piece of fine embroidery and sometimes perfect specimen of glitz and glam...
that just makes for one spectacular Rhinestone Cowboy, no?
--started by a man named Nudie Cohn
later to be run and designed by his son-n-law, Manuel (who moved to Nashville to outfit many many famous rock and country stars...lucky talented man!)
And the most prime example, and one slick piece of work, was Manuel's suit he made for Gram:

Naked ladies on the lapel, Cross on the back, pot leaves, pills, poppies...interesting, no?
And this is only one of the many Nudie Suits you've probably seen--maybe you didn't realize you were looking at pictures of them before, I certainly did not until a few years ago when I was in Nashville and met this girl who's friend worked for Manuel.  She enlightened me on Manuel and schooled me on the Nudie Suit.  
And from then on out, it was awe in my eyes toward him and these crazy elaborate pieces of work!
Again, do we have to get into just how closely related music and fashion can be?


When not listening to the Flying Burrito Brothers, I find myself scrolling downward on the ipod,  toward Gram Parsons!
After leaving the Burrito Bros, he went on to start a solo career--forging a perfect musical relationship with Emmylou Harris--those two could not sound more beautiful...if you're even remotely in need of a new something in your music library--listen to me, just put some Burrito Bros. and some Gram Parsons in the mix. And pull my stunt-you know the one?  The one where you leave it on repeat over and over, and you just drool over Gram and his puppy dog eyes and shaggy long hair!
I'll listen to that man and ogle his Nudie Suit all day long, everyday...free of charge!
so go now kids...do your homework, give my ol' boy Gram a listen or do some Nudie research...
its fun stuff!


Meagan said...

I am so glad you did this post! I lovvvve Gram Parsons. 'The Gilded Palace of Sin' is one of my favorite albums of all time. I'm so glad you're introducing people to the Flying Burrito Brothers...and of course to nudie suits!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I love it, but this post on Gram Parsons really sealed the deal for me. I look forward to more!