Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Want NOW: Three's Company!

 Spring is almost here, and I need to refresh the wardrobe with a few items....3 key things to be exact.

I've had my eyes on the perfect pair of
basic, platform heels, but its a MUST that they're NUDE!
I've leaning more toward a patent leather pair, as there's so many out there in all price ranges these days.
I think the price range thing comes about because the Nude shoe trend has been around for over a year now...its time the lower price points catch on; Lucky Me!

I haven't quite chosen a pair yet, nor do I have a specific idea in mind, I just know I want NUDE, and when I see Nude, a heel, and a good $$$...I'm gonna buy, that's all I know.
I think Nude Heels are going to be great leg lengtheners to my chicken limbs come this spring; not to mention blushy nude tones just add a touch of girliness to almost any outfit;
god knows I can use all the "girly" I can manage, just to counteract this personality of mine.
Another item I really need want is a new
Right now, I don't even know where to go to get this, its just something I know I'll come across at H&M, F21, Urban, wherever...its not hard to find, its just finding one in my price range that fits like my current beloved (yet falling apart and raggedy)one from H&M.
Have you kids seen any like this one shown, but under $100?
If so, do tell...
Next up, I simply MUST fortify the wardrobe with some little
neon dayglow
add-ons here and there.
In this category, I don't have anything in mind...just something, just anything!
I'm not looking to overpower my outfit with neon;
not looking to blind you when you read my blog,
nor do I want to overstimulate anyone with electric hues everywhere...
noooooo, just a hint here and there.

I'm growing particularly fond of the Spring '11 Dior make-up.
I like the idea of a shocking color swiped across the lid.
Or maybe a nude eye w/lots of black mascara and a streak of bold lipstick? 
If I wore lipstick that is...I will try, yes I will try.
Makeup in neon shades is probably the way for me to go with this one...
I'll let you know what I find and what I go about doing in order to satisfy my 1989 craving for neon.

I guess lucky for me, at least I currently own this $2.00 pair of street vendor sunnies.
I knew like 3yrs ago these babies would come in handy one day...I'm just that ahead of my time...riiiiight!
And let's not get in a tizzy over this tshirt...while amazing I know, it is not mine...but one day soon Max Headroom on my upper torso could be a possibility, or it could be possible for you.
This here is just a sneak peak at a vintage tshirt shoot I did with Dusty Rose Vintage--I assure you, you'll definitely want to come back for those posts!
But yeah, let's just disregard what I"m wearing here...I'm focusing in on the shades at this very moment.

Anyway, let me know what you've found out there on your jaunts.
If you know some affordable, yet quality nude heels you think I should look into-speak up.
If you see that perfect leather (or faux) bomber--I need it!
And dayglow is everywhere for spring...I think I'm ok to find that on my own, but I'm all ears if you wanna tell me what you got hiding in your closets, in your drawers, or in your makeup bin!

Have a great weekend...i'm off to snap pictures, and er, um...stop in Topshop, Uniqlo, and H&M.
Certainly I'll come across something along the lines of this post, no?


jane st. clair said...

i really want some beige heels too! i have wanted some for a couple of years now but haven't taken the plunge because i'm never want to spend a lot of money on shoes yet refuse to buy cheap ones. :/

i know i've been so MIA lately! i've been sickish, working a lot, etc. i've posted here and there but not regularly and i haven't had much time to comment, but i'm trying to get back into it. we're moving closer to my job in a month or so and that should help (i drive 1.5 hours round trip right now). thanks for the hair compliment. it's my favourite hair style i've had; however, i've had it for a little bit now and i'm itching to go shorter. i can't decide though!

hope all is well with you!!

Lara said...

Soooo..I have this GREY bomber jacket that isn't my style. A friend gave me like 5 boxes of clothing when she moved to Seattle and some of it was a bit too rocker-esque. I'll have to look for it but I can probably send it to you. Its a size small and sort of cropped like the one in the picture, only gunmetal grey. I'll take a pic!

Jenni said...

Every gal needs a Max Headroom shirt in her wardrobe. It's a staple, like a white Oxford or a little black dress, only bomb as hell.

Alexandra said...

I tried on a pair at Charlotte that I loved but of course they hurt like hell just walking around the store so I knew THAT would be a bad idea. I really just need to stop buying new heels and try focusing on wearing the ones I already own. Haha.