Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Wear: The BOMBer Squad

There's not much new about what you see here...just a previously worn outfit, black n white just like the photo.  To me, talking about the same outfit as before is B_O_R_I_N_G.  
Not much more could be said on it, its not like I actually woke up the 5min earlier that it would take to put a new spin on it, heck no!

But what?  BOOM!
There is something NEW!
Ok so maybe its not even a new look, I pretty much wore exactly this entire outfit the last time I talked about it (that was over a year ago).
But you may notice that I happen to be wearing a non-tattered bomber jacket; yeah?
Let's just say, a little patience, and a careful eye paid off.  
I found my coveted replacement bomber jacket.
You might recall in my last "What I want NOW" post, I mentioned "needing" a new bomber since my last one was all ripped up and completely shoddy looking.  I also mentioned that I needed it to be around the $100 price range.  Lucky me...Urban Outfitters came through!
And BONUS...its got a hood!
Actually, I wasn't diggin' the hood upon purchase; not what I really wanted.  But I was in dire lust after everything else on this bomber because it was nearly just like my old one that needs to find a new home in the Staten Island Landfill.  So I figured dealing with a dorky hood wouldn't be all that bad; just give me the darn new bomber already!
But you know what?  After today's nasty rain when I stepped foot off the subway, I was a happy girl to have this very hood.  It saved me from "melting" while I scrambled to find my umbrella deep in the depths of my tote.  Phew...thank heavens for the hood.
So my hood and I now love one another, and mother nature and her rain can go F-off!
I feel back to normal now having found a new bomber.  I was going a bit batty without one for the past few weeks.  It's hard for me to feel "myself" when I don't have the leather jacket to toss on top of nearly all outfits.  It adds that much needed dose of "street" to my style; without it I am simply lying to the world about who I really am.  
The bomber is a MUST if I want to convey the truth thru my clothing.
(what am I talking about???)
So yep Mr. Bomber...I officially adore you. 
I do not regret the purchase AT ALL...thanks UO for having this product; lifesaver!
*Black bomber jacket-Urban Outfitters
*Black/white wool houndstooth dress-Alberto Makali
*Black lace tights-unknown
*Black leather boots-Jessica Simpson


The Daily Fashionista said...

You definitley know how to rock a hooded bomber. I really like it! Especially with the girly houndstooth dress.

lauraa said...

That first picture of you, you look so 60s! I love it!
Great jacket, I can never find one that fits that perfectly. You must cherish it!

Isquisofrenia said...

the first photo reminds me of the like the band.
very 60s

Alexandra said...

I absolutely love this whole outfit, especially with the pink lips. Let's be honest, I love anything that makes edgy look girly at the same time. Well done.

Spacely Peniro said...