Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I Want NOW: Shoes from Ms. Simpson

Dear Ms. Jessica Simpson,
If ever there was a time I needed you to hear my call...the time is NOW.
I've dropped your name rather frequently on this here blog, praised the comfort and durability of your product, and raved about the soaring heights your shoes put me at.
And quite frankly , my dear, I've come across two pairs that I simply want NOW.

This is no joke, I was up for about 4 hours last night frantically seeking them out on the internet, but just like Macy's, and Macy', no websites have a size 8 available!!!!


First up, the Vadio.
It comes in other colorways, but this particular pairing is perfect for my life.  Black and Brown is one of my favorite color-combos...its such a NO-NO to some people, that I just love to send their little close-minded worlds into a tizzy.
(its the same with navy/black for me it!)
I realize this photo makes the wood part of the shoe look more like a pumice stone worthy of scrubbing my severely calloused feet, but rest assured its really a delightfully refreshing spring-y cedar instead.  It's very "fresh" if I dare to use such a corny word.

Secondly, I'd really like to own the Black version of the Colie Pump.
I've been in dire need of some basic black heels since my last ones have seen two years of wear and tear, its time I replace them.  Now I did just say "basic" and these Colie pumps are far from basic.  Yet, in my eyes, these are kinda basic for my taste...and when comparing to the majority of all my other J.Simpson shoes, these aren't all that crazy.
(yes its true, I can't get enough of her shoes...and its ok...i love them)

 So here's the conundrum,
I cannot find the Vadio anywhere in a size 8. 
And I've found the Colie in a size 8 on a few sights, but I want them on sale since I could've had them for wayyyyy cheap with discounts and coupons at Macy's last night if only I wore a size 5.5.
So its hard for me to justify buying them for far more than Macy's was selling them at.
With that being said, even if paying full price for the Colie, the wait for shipping is until June 4th!!!!  
I'd probably die from anticipation by the time they arrived.

but yeah, I'm in dire need of some retail therapy this weekend, and these shoes have got my name written all over them. (or moreso, Jessica's name all over them, just my toes lusting to be in there.)
And really, c'mon, we all know I'm on a question to be amazonian-like tall, therefore I really really really need these shoes.  They'll help me achieve my delusional dreams all the more easy.

So grrrrr.....I want what I simply cannot seem to have.
I won't stop till I fall asleep I'm back at it, ready to pound the internet pavement, in search of these ladies in a size 8.

But hey, Jessica, if you hear me callin' please help a girl out.


The Daily Fashionista said...

Hot shoes!!! Good luck with finding them in your size and price point. Did you try Never mind it took me a couple of secs to find them. Not on sale though:(

Alexandra said...

LOVE that second pair! Good luck finding them!!!!