Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily Wear: In the Trenches

I finally did it...finally got myself that classic trench I've been wanting/needing for several spring season's now.  It's probably been 3years since i said I needed a nice khaki trench; something to pull any look together and make me look like a clean-cut lady.
Call me crazy...but doesn't this trench do just that?  
I think it pulls together my look, keeps me from looking sloppy, and just elevates my casual laidback outfit to a whole new level.

And its perfect for this time of year.
Today I had the day off due to Passover, so I spent my time running all over the city taking care of errands and business.  And the weather was crappy as usual-rainy and chilly.
This trench did the job, kept me warm enough and dry-while looking seasonally appropriate.  I was getting quite tired of wearing my winter coats in spring this trench saves the day!
Underneath the coat, I opted for some layers and a mix of girly with casual.
I have this lil' minidress lace thing-not sure it can be a dress on me, so I just pair it with jeans to make it look less thought out.  Not so high-maintenance I suppose.
I also paired some pearls/gold chains with it all to give it a glow.  (funny, i had lost this very necklace for all times...then i stumbled upon a knockoff version at F21 2weeks ago...thank god!  I'll take the knockoff, i don't care, I just needed this necklace again!)
So while dressing comfy and casual for a day of trekking back and forth all over the city, the trench kept my look looking fresh and tied together.
Everyone should own a classic trench, they're magic lifesavers!
*Khaki trench coat-Kenneth Cole
*Pink lace dress-H&M
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Beige boots-Jessica Simpson
*Beige purse-Makowsky
*Pearl/gold chain necklace and earrings-F21
*Camel scarf-H&M


Nicole said...

Seriously, I can have on stretch pants, an over-sized sweatshirt, dirty hair pulled back or under a hat, and last night's make-up... and then I put on a trench and feel like I can mingle with the rest of the world ;)

lauraa said...

Nice outfit- definately a lady! Its funny how some wardrobe purchases just become so essential as soon as you have them. I love this with the pearls and lace

Meagan said...

Lovvve your lacy top and the trench does pull it all together!

Isquisofrenia said...

oh i want one too!!
i really like the lace dress with the coat.
hows the weather in ny? looks like still a bit cool no?


loving this look! especially that trench!

Alexandra said...

love your blog and your style, now following!
HUGS, Alexandra

Teddi said...

adore it the end!