Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #11-Such a Chore

No, I'm not elluding that the Garrott Tee styling project has become a chore; I'm stating that my outfit this time around looks like I'm ready to do chores.
Perfect for spring cleaning or running errands around my neighborhood; pair the "Without My Muse" tee with spring's new jean silhouette (70s style flares) and you're ready to go; ready to get down and dirty while still looking cute!
Sure, its yet again just a simple jeans and tshirt combo, but a couple colorful-nifty accessories and you've punched it up to the next level.
NO reason you have to look grimey and grubby to pot some plants, to wash the windows, to run to the grocery--I sure as heck won't let myself look like that.  Treat chores like you'd treat anything else, dress for it--just not in your designer clothes ok?
But why not brighten your day by pairing some bright scarf on your head, a colored jacket to keep the chill out if doing outdoor gardening, and maybe a belt to just add some pizazz?
Yeah that's right, accessories ladies...they can make a tshirt outfit something much cooler, and they can make chores and errands all the better.
So if you're feeling you need another tshirt to add to your wardrobe, something to spice up your household duties, then head on over to Garrott Designs and pick up a "Without My Muse" tee for only $20!
*Gray "Without My Muse" tshirt-Garrott Designs
*Blue flared jeans-Gap
*Green jacket-Forever 21
*Yellow platfrom wedges-Target
*Beige vintage belt-thrift store
*Multi-color kerchief-thrift Store
*Rainbow ring-gift from friend

Until next time kiddies...I'll be doin' some spring cleaning!


Hipstercrite said...

love it! totally 70's "i am woman, hear me roar!" kind of outfit.

Meagan said...

You're the only person who could make doing chores and housework look so stylish. Love the bandana.

Alecto said...

I think this has to be the best styling of a "cleaning outfit" I've ever seen. You + a tshirt are meant for each other :-)