Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Rewind: April 24th-25th, 2011 long as it been since I did a Weekend Rewind?  really, right?
Well I had tons of chipper stuff to talk about because my weekend was pretty fun and it was EASTER!  But then my world came crashing down at 10pm Sunday for the next few weeks, while I may be blogging more (I've got lots of newfound free time, not my wish, but hey crap happens), I will probably also be a Debbie Downer; just bear with me.
Let me see what I can muster up for you guys...I had more pics of what I actually did this weekend, but I only feel like posting outfits at the moment; so maybe next time it'll be a more fun Weekend Rewind...for now, here we go:

Saturday-April. 23, 2011:
I had a day of errands, and dropping off my photography project and mounting hooks on the back so they'd be ready for my photo exhibition on Sunday...these past few weeks I've had hardly any time for anything because I enrolled in a photography class.  So you can imagine between work, at the time a boyfriend, and hoemwork from class well I was a busy lady.

Anyway, I've been dying to wear my Axl Rose tshirt more often and I realized for as much as I love it, I still had never shown you guys its awesomeness. 
I thought a rainy Saturday of errands was a good day to go "metal chick" with my attire.  And Axl brought the badass to my outfit.
After errands, I had all good intentions to go home and make food for Easter Brunch on SAturday.  Instead, as most of my friends (myself included) are easily seduced by the bottle; we went to a bar after errands.  From about 4:30 till the wee hours of Saturday night I was chugging brews.  I can hold my own, so its ok.

We went to a show, saw Hunx and his Punx (a fun band if I do say so myself), then more drinks at a local bar. I think I teetered home way too late, but I still got up at a decent hour on Easter to make my food for our friends' brunch.
It was a pretty fun night...I hadn't gone out to the bars like that in a while; I had actually been quite responsible and happy in my dometicated little life I managed to carve out for myself.  So out late with friends after so long of not going out, it was a welcome treat.  ANd I'm glad I had Axl along for the ride!
*Black bomber jacket-Urban Outfitters
*White tank-Rock the World (on etsy)
*Black jeggings-Gap
*Black booties-Steve Madden
*Black fringe purse-H&M
*Black/White scarf-Express.

Sunday-April 24, 2011: 
I felt really springy and almost like an easter egg which would only be appropriate on such a day.  Today was the day of my friends' Easter Brunch, as well as my photography exhibition.  So I thought a cute little vintage frock of spring-like coloring would be ever-so delightful.
This is a dress I found at Beacon's Closet not too long ago.  It's got a slight weird stain on it but hey whatever...I'm not opposed to wearing stained clothing; who am I to be clean and classy right? ha
I love this dress actually...while wayyyyyyyyyy on the short side, it still fits me well and is the exact style and proportion I like in a vintage dress.  Easy and cute.
I also finally bought some nude patent leather heels as I had mentioned wanting a few weeks back.  I figured nude would be a great match for this dress; I think it worked.  And the heels, while I found almost impossible to walk in, look pretty great.  I just have to figure out how to meander about in these shoes..and if I can't walk in them, I doubt the average person can either considering I wear sky-high heels 95% of the time!
*Turquoise vintage dress-Beacon's Closet
*Nude lace patterned hosiery-Candies
*Nude patent leather heels-Guess
*Silver vintage necklace-thrift store
*Brown sunglasses-Prada (thanks ex bf...I've got something nice to take away from this)

OK friends, hope you had a great weekend and a lovely easter.  Again I apologize if I act and sound like a bitter cold-hearted lady the next few weeks, but one day I'll be back to my chipper self.  Until then maybe I'll just put more efforts into my outfits, or maybe not--still haven't figured out how this whole upheavel of the heart will effect my outfit decisions, sometimes I can feel very uninspired and not caring when these things occur.  So it'll be interesting to say the least right?


anna marie said...

1.i love how you look awesome in both outfits and they couldn't be more different.

2. so sorry about the boy. dudes are jerks!

3. i hope you blog about your photography!

xo.anna marie

ashley mcconnell said...

that blue dress is a beauty.

lauraa said...

You look so good in these phots. A stunner for sure - look at those legs!
Sorry to hear things are crappy. I hope it turns itself into something good for you. I know it's cliche, but often things do turn out for the best.
Also, I saw your photography pieces on mel's blog and loved them. I hope you are chuffed with yourself for those! And hopefully we'll see more of them too

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

Loooooooove you! That is all. xo

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

This post shows two very different Nickies! I'm unsure of which piece I like more - the baby blue easter dress or your fringe bag??

I'm sorry to hear that things are crappy right now! I hope things start to look up real soon! Let me know if there's anything I could do.

xo, Ashley

Tristana said...

That's wonderful!