Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily Wear: To See a Show

I snapped these outfit photos last week right before I headed out to see the Raveonettes.  The outfit is a little different for me as far as my typical show outfit goes.  Generally when seeing a band I opt for the skinny jeans and black or white tshirt combo with my leather bomber.  It just seems like something that that would be "show appropriate"...or maybe its because I sometimes have to go see bands by myself and an outfit like that will make me seem less approachable (not that strangers are approaching me anyhow, but you know what I'm saying).

So I figured, why not give something a little more girly a try for once.  Plus I was going with 3 of my gf's so I didn't necessarily need to hide my insecurities behind the "tough girl" outfit :) haha.
In the end, this outfit faired just fine for me.  It worked out well and was a welcome break to my usual show attire.
I am kinda stoked to wear this dress this summer actually.  Without a jacket to be exact.  It's a nipped in elastic waist with a ruffle detail at the neckline.  It's very cute and short and girly...all things I like to take for a spin from time to time.  Plus its floral and I have been wanting some more floral #'s in my wardrobe for summertime; so pefecto!
By the way...the Raveonettes were awesome!

*Green jacket-F21
*Black floral print dress-Target
*Brown vintage Coach purse-Thrift store
*Brown vintage woven belt-Thrift Store
*Brown scarf-H&M
*Beige boots-Jessica Simpson 
*Black tights-unknown
*Gold tassle necklace-my own creation
*Brown leather bracelet-H&M
*Gold hoop earrings-F21


Alexandra said...

Love it :-) Almost as much as I love this new leopard background!

The Daily Fashionista said...

First off, I love the new background. Meow!! And second, your outfit is so gorgeous. I totally thought that dress was thrifted grunge era too! Not Target. I guess what goes around really does come around. This is definitley prevalent now that I am rewatching My So-Called Life as an adult and seeing all the clothing from that set. Anyways, this is modern spin on the grunge floral dress and I love it!

Tristana said...

Looks interesting

Meagan said...

You look so cute! How were the raveonettes? And I checked out your other blog...I want to be in a girl gang! And now I'm dying to see that gang movie that one of your friends was writing about.

Teddi said...

want those tights!