Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #12-Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Like a lot of us, I dress for my mood.  Currently things are gray...shades of gray.
-Gray is perfect to mimic my stronger moments: cold and icy.
-Gray is perfect to depict my weaker moments: cloudy, stormy, tears streaming like torrential downpours.
So thank goodness I've got the Garrott Tee to help me dress my heart.  A monotone outfit for a mono life.

Now I'm not saying Garrott's "Without my Muse" tshirt is only good for times of depression, heck no...just saying it comes in handy when things aren't all sunny and brightly colored.
But I've shown you it can go the other way if that's the way I was feeling at the time--rainbows, unicorns, and ice cream cones.

But right now, the smoke is in my eyes.
But on a completely different, and more appropriately relevant note, do you recognize this version of the tshirt?  It's the one I altered in Look #9.  This time, I chopped the sleeves off, making a slouchy wide open tank.  Kinda '80s, kinda cool, kinda trashy, very ME!
If anything, least I have been able to shed the layers and jackets and take in the warmer weather spring finally brought about.  The newly altered tshirt makes for a perfect addition to the spring wardrobe.  So while my life feels as overcast as the skies; at least I've got the temps to warm my heart, and the Garrott Tee to clothe the feelings.
*Gray "Without my Muse" tshirt-Garrot Designs (but DIY'd by me)
*Gray leather skirt-H&M
*Black booties-Steve Madden
*Silver leather bag-Cole Haan
*Black/White scarf-Express
*Blue Sunnies-Peachfrog

So, whether happy-sad, glad or mad, Garrott Designs will get me by.  I'll hang in there, and we'll all get thru this just fine.  But for a little while longer I know the smoke is gonna get in my eyes, and this is my blog so I can be a girl in mourning as long as I need (deal with it).


Anonymous said...

Oh Nickie - grey skies will have to make way for the sun at some point!
You make grey look grey -t!
Sophisticated and cool.

Teddi said...

luv that song! luvin those boots!

monkey + pig said...

love the skirt! and the shirt, even better that it it diy!

Ashwin Maher said...

luv that song! luvin those boots!