Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #13-On the Prowl

This little kitty is stepping up to the plate and getting back out there.  While not quite old enough to be a cougar, she's definitely no domestic housecat...
I'd go with LYNX if anything.
And this lynx is ready to take a swing at things again, step to the plate, and as the Stray Cats would say,
"Strut right by with your her Tail in the Air"!
That's right, you got your girl back...Nickie is on the PROWL!  MEOWZAS!
I can't think of a better way to cat-around than in something I would wear out and about on a Friday night.  And in my usual fashion, mix'n it up with something old and something new.  A new direction to something used and sometimes damaged (thus was the case with my heart and with this sequin dress...but a couple quick stitches and there's nothing that can't be mended.)
This Garrott Tee look is something a grand majority of you ladies in the blogosphere could do yourself...I know, because a LOT of you happened to purchase the Rodarte for Target "Ribcage" dress from back in the day.  If you're like me, you wore it maybe once till its popularity drove you crazy and you never wanted to see it again.  And if you're like me, you know to hang onto such pieces like this because one day, say 20yrs from now, some random lil' 17yr old awesome girl is gonna pick it up at a vintage store or thrift store and think she's the shit!  (Rightfully so, I would be that girl if in 20yrs I was only 17 and came across this dress.)

Well, just as you're thinking its time you send that sequin dress away from your closet and off to the Salvation Army, I bring you SALVATION...ok not really, but seriously...just take a shirt like Garrott Designs' "Without my Muse" tee and look at how nearly unrecognizable that old dress was!  (Seriously, the same with me.  A few quick strokes of black eyeshadow, a few pins in the hair, and I'm almost a complete 180 of what I was last week at this time, no?)
This week I took the same DIY version of the Garrott Tee, left it as is from Look #12; layered it over the ribcage dress, threw on a belt to nip it in a bit, covered up with my leather bomber since its still a bit nippy in the Northeast, grabbed my rocker fringe bag, and I'm off to the East Village!
Now try and tell me you can't do this too...or at least your own spin on it!

Purr-fect for a late night treat like catnip with a new "victim", errrrr I mean guy.  
(Yes boys...consider yourselves warned)
So MEOW!   But don't think this kit'n is coming back without her CLAWS!
*Black bomber jacket-Urban outfitters
*Gray "Without my Muse" tshirt-Garrott Designs (DIY'd by Moi)
*Black sequin dress-Rodarte for Target
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Black fringe purse and belt-H&M


Alexandra said...

Sex kittten! Haha. You are just too great for words.

anna marie said...

how can you stand being so fierce? i love it! the boys of nyc better watch out.

xo.anna marie

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Cool! Tough look, great! XO Raspberry & Rouge

Teddi said...

very punk late 70's or early 70's rock on!

Okanednzo said...

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