Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corinne McCormack PREVIEW

Woah, Holy AWESOME SUNNIES, Batman!!!

I was in sunglass heaven last week when I was invited to preview the new line of sunnies by Corinne McCormack.

You might recall last season I attended their Spring 2011 preview of the reading glasses and eyewear she designs.  Well this season she outdid herself with some amazing, stylish, and super fun sunnies.  I spent a good half hour trying on almost every oversized sunglass she had to offer.  I bypassed the aviator styles but kinda wish now I would've given them a go...but who are we fooling, since when do I do aviators?  I'm such an OVERSIZED kinda girl...I like the way huge sunnies make me feel "incognito".

I had so much fun, and picked out a few pairs of sunglasses for myself (and a giveaway pair so you can cop my oversize style and have a bit of Corinne McCormack in your life too...so stay tuned, giveaway soon!)-Woot Woot!
In addition to the new sunglass collection, I browsed thru the towers of colorful, printed, and super cool frames, chains, and eyeglass cases.

Corinne has so much to offer if you're one to embrace color, its just unbelievable.  Her use of prints, textures, bright shades, etc are sooooooooooooooooo in line with my usual style is only inevitable I would LOVE her merchandise.
The eyeglass cases caught my eyes as I'm certain they could double as a clutch for a fun night out with the girls.  I gotta get on that, double usage of an item--extra mileage--my kinda approach to fashion!
I was intrigued by the textures and animal skins...I work with these same types of animals on a daily basis so after 8yrs on the job, I've grown quite comfy sporting such feline and reptile prints in my daily life.  I could see myself incorporating a lot of Corinne McCormack's things into my regular wardrobe...WITH EASE!
Ah...what fun it was!  I do love to preview new collections, and I felt quite privelaged to do just that at the Corinne McCormack showroom. 
So a big big THANK YOU for letting me stop by. 
I had a blast and I'm so glad I got to pick out a few pairs of sunnies for myself and my fans!  (Oh, and I got a new pair of eyeglasses too!  I can't wait to get the frames, they're sorta cat-eye shaped, black w/splatters of silver sparkles!)
And again, remember in the next week or so I'll be having a giveaway for a pair of my Corinne McCormack sunnies I chose.  This way you and I both can look awesome and protect our eyes from the sun's glaring rays all at the same time!  And, in reality, its sorta going to be like I picked a pair of sunnies out for you; since afterall I did choose my favorites-you just get to have a go at possibly winning one of my choices! Can't complain can ya?

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