Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Garrott Tee: Look #14-Flower Power

This week, I tried my hand at whipping up the new with the old...
a vintage frock of floral fauna layered under the "Without my Muse" tee from Garrott Designs.
It's always fun to mix it up in such a way, it keeps a vintage dress from looking too costume-y, while incorporating some laid-back ease that only a tshirt can offer.

The dress itself was a bit longer than my usual preference.  In fact, it was below the knee and rather dowdy. 
To remedy this, I did some DIY work as is not a surprise.  I took some safety pins, pinched the dress at the middle of my thigh at the side front--and took it up a few inches and pinned.  VOILA-thus creating a bit of a high-low hemline and a little more movement and sass overall.  I then did the same exact thing to my other side-front leg area. 
This is a great tip girls if ever you have a full swingy dress that's a bit longer than you like, but you don't have the time for proper hemming/alterations just yet.  A few safety pins can be a girl's BFF.  I know!
I then got all "snazzy" with the dress' tie belt.  I don't need the belt at my waist when I've got the Garrott Tee wrangling in the dress' fullness.  Soooooo, I did what any intelligent lassie would do, I tied it around my neck for some excess pizazz! 
It adds one more touch of floral feminity to the whole look. 
Just one more way to take the "Without My Muse" tee and make it a wee bit girly!
Do you ever try anything like this with your pretty lil' vintage frocks?  Or do you just wear them as they are?  I do both...but sometimes those thrift store 70s dresses are just a bit much, no?  And when that's the case, I find a quick fix like the Garrott Tee to be a lifesaver.  (I mean yes, I could just opt not to wear the vintage dress altogether, but really?  I'm not practical like that!)
So girls...get yourself a Garrott Tee and see what you can come up with.  I'm loving all the creative juices this collaboration has brought about in me.  Before, a tshirt was just a tshirt...but I'm learning along with you, that there's a bajillion ways to wear a tee outside of the norm.

*Gray "Without My Muse" tshirt-Garrott Designs (for purchase HERE)
*Pink floral print vintage dress-Thrift Store
*White lace tights-unknown
*Beige suede booties-Calvin Klein
*Silver vintage necklace-Thrift store
*Silver Hoop Earrings-some random jewelry cheapo store on 14th st.


K & J said...

Beautiful outfit but I have to say I REALLY love the White lace tights.

Tristana said...

I like your interesting half-street style, looks pretty trendy

Teddi said...

i like how u layered the t to make the whole look more modern. bravo!

Sal said...

Now THAT is some inspired layering!