Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily Wear: garden PARTAY!!!!!!!!

Last Wednesday, Ideegeniale invited me to be her +1 or sorts for a Seychelles' preview party.  It was a Garden Party theme and lovely all around.
It's been a while since I went to one of these blogger type/fashion parties so I thought why not, plus its good to get out and mingle once in a this girl needs to be social and keep busy; so this was a perfect opportunity to do just that.
The Seychelles' showroom was packed to the brim with bloggers, fashion people, and randoms of all sorts.
Pretty shoes were everywhere, my mouth was salivating probably...we know I love a shoe with height!
Yummy food laid out for the taking, usually I'm the girl hanging out by the free food table, this time I behaved myself.
In addition to the fun, they were having a drawing for some winnings, not sure when the drawing is, but I'm guessing I didn't win since its been several days and no word--that's usually how it goes; I didn't go into this expecting to win anything; who really does?
I think my favorite part was all the pretty clothes...
A gorgeous little vintage wonderland...
Lovely frocks abound, sparkly jewels, and wonderful smelling soaps...a girly girl menagerie if ever there was one and I rather quite enjoyed it (because on occasion I do like to embrace the fact I'm a girl).
The scenery was pretty divine; they did great stuff with their showroom to ready themselves for the party.
The really fun part of it all was the SMILEBOOTH!
Everyone seemed to be down for hamming it up for the camera...I mean who wouldn't want to wear a floral wreath and say cheese?
Clearly....these two were down for it!
Afterwards, Mel and I walked to the train where I stopped to get my outfit pics taken since I seem to forget this from time to time.  Plus, its been a long while since I had some real outdoor street-style shots; usually its me in the stairwell or on my roof.  So Thanks Mel for helping a girl out!
I haven't yet switched my wardrobe from my winter goods to the spring/summer I kinda just threw a mish-mash of light colored things together.  For being in the winter wardrobe I was pretty happy with the spring-effect the outfit had. 
Put on some accessories like my new little ring and my replacement pearl necklace (I had left behind my first one like this last fall--it was from Topshop, then I came across this one a few weeks back at F21 and PHEW!  I've been missing that necklace ever thanks F21 for your knockoff version; it does the trick!)
One of my favorite things in my wardrobe right now are my leopard print heels from H&M.  I got these last fall back when I said I wanted some leopard shoes in my "What I Want Now" section; and even though I've had them for months now, only recently am I finding myself wearing them on a weekly basis.  Maybe it was the blisters I got back in Sept. that lured me away; but now they fit fine and I'm loving them!
So that's the way I roll when in a bind with springy outfits; until I find the motivation to switch my wardrobe from winter to summer; I'll keep on going this route with layers of light colored items.  It seems to work for now...but seriously, I need to change out my clothing already.  eh, someday when its 90degrees! ha
*Gray blazer-Urban Outfitters
*Ivory tunic-H&M
*Gray tricot skirt-H&M
*White lace tights-Unknown
*Leopard print heels-H&M
*Purse (that doesn't match my outfit at all)-H&M

Yikes, that's a lot of H&M for one outfit...

One last goofball pic, 'cause we're nerds like that!


K & J said...

LOVE your outfit and those Heels are soooooooooooooo HOT!! You Look so gorgeous!!
Loved the pic of the wood bottom shoes. I'm with you, I love a show with height.
Glad you had a fun time...........

Meagan said...

That ring-the tights-those shoes...fabulous!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Looks like a fun affair, thanks for sharing - I lurv meself some Seychelles!

Aw well, you're looking pretty fab for putting together a "mish-mash." Plus what is up with NYC weather lately anyways? I don't think they got the "it's nearly summer" memo yet!

Teddi said...

u look great!

The Daily Fashionista said...

It seems like that was a pretty dope party! I would've loved to be surrounded by all those shoes. So long as I was able to take about 10 pairs home.

And I loved how you did the spring outfit out of winter garments.

Alexandra said...

First thing's first: these photo booth pictures have been cracking me up ever since you ladies started posting them. Second: Spring-looking outfit pulled off very well! Third: You know I love leopard print, and these shoes are great.