Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Wear: Local x Local

Sunday I went to this event at Brooklyn Bowl called Local x Local.  I actually had worn this outfit all day, even early morning for a photoshoot I was due at.  At said photoshoot, Ideegeniale asked me,
"Why are you so dressed up? that's a fancy tunic!" 
Um, apparently she has been sleeping thru the past 2.5yrs of our friendship and my fashion history...this is sooooooooooooo NOT dressed up!  This is normal!  Get w/my closet program Ideegeniale!
Another slightly odd thing going on here; I think people thought I got my hair cut.  I understand a profile shot from my right maybe might appear that I went and got a bob...but I assure you, the side mullet assymetry is still very much in affect!  I'm not ready to chop my mop just yet--go dark, but not chop.  (that's right, stick w/me thru this summer and you're gonna see the Joan Jett in me come out)
Another thing going on clavicle!  I've been obsessed with having a clavicle since gaining that dreaded holiday cookie weight.  I worked out, cut lots of meat from my diet, and what's that??? A little bit of a protruding clavicle? maybe?  Yeah, clavicles are my THANG!  And I finally achieved it, sorta...this whole time you know I named my excercise/diet routine, "Project Protruding Clavicle"?  True story!
Now....maybe it should be renamed to something along the lines of "Project Maintain Clavicle"???  You guys got any name suggestions?
Local x Local
Oh its been a while since I rambled on about silly things in my mind, huh?  There you're pretty much all caught up with the "deep" thoughts I've got brewing inside.  I know...I'm sure you're as tuckered out as I am after dealing with all this "thinking" I do.  So its ok, take a nap.

*multi-color tunic-H&M
*gunmetal leggigns-Forever 21
*taupe leather boots-Jessica Simpson
*Necklace-Forever 21

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those tricks said...

Love this!
And yes - that first shot is totally faux-bob.
You are such a fun/welcome break in style from most of the blogs I follow.
Keep on rockin'!!

Carla McCarthy said...

you are funny! Love the way you paired your tunic!

Giveaway in my blog, go check it out!

Teddi said...

i seriously thought u cut ur hair before u said u didn't. what the hey is a clavicle? i'm too lazy to look it up. i saw joan jett last summer. u'll rock the dark hair. the tunic is fantab, & i want those boots!

lauraa said...

Oooo I'm intrigued by the idea of dark hair on you. Think it'll look great.
Yes I do the clavicle test too! Mine is currently hidden. Time for a diet!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Lovely tunic! Great blog, I like your style! Following via facebook :)

Hillary Rose said...

Love the gunmetal leggings! Now I'm wondering where I could find some around here. Super badass!

Ivonne said...

Haha I thought for a second you had short hair before I saw the second picture :D

My sister is also obsessed with clavicles! She like to paint a lot and she's always painting poses involving the clavicles :P

x, I

Lippylash said...

Beautiful dress and loving those boots!!!

Indy said...

Yay! Someone else who thinks clavicles are sexxxxyy!

Anonymous said...

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