Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion @ the Movies: L'Amour Fou

Last night Iwent to the IFC theater to see a documentary on the one and only,
Yves St. Laurent.
Actually, to be fair, the movie was not just about him. 
It was moreso a documentary done through the eyes of his partner and practically lifelong companion,
Pierre Berge.

He told the story from their first meeting, the beginnings of a fashion empire, to the death of YSL himself, and the eventual selling of their artwork collection.

The movie at hand is called, L'amour Fou.

The movie was not particularly noteworthy, but it was not particularly horrible either.
I was anticipating an indepth backstory on the business and love relationship between YSL and Pierre Berge.
Instead, I got an overview of their union, but nothing as indepth as I had looked forward too.

I was also intrigued by the idea of learning more about these two, their lives, and their immense art collection since all I ever really knew was about YSL and his fashion resume.
The movie never went much further than the surface though.
Sure, we got to know Pierre a little more, we got to see the Picassos, the famous Warhol, etc. and we got a quick glimpse at Yves' muses Betty Catroux and Loulou de La Falaise, but I never felt like I got a grasp on anything more than a bunch of photo archives.

My friend sort of had it correct when she said they didn't really develop either/or, they didn't get deep enough into the fashion realm of it, nor did they ellaborate enough into their art collection.
Otherwise saying, this is a good netflix movie.

Nonetheless, the photos and footage will definitely appeal to the fashion girl in all of us
(I mean a fashion designer like myself, c'mon, how could I not dazzle at the sight of the fab Mondrian inspired dresses???)

Overall though, don't lose your money on this.
Wait a few months...then watch it on a rainy Saturday morning.

But I still Luv ya, Yves!!!

None of these photos are my own...they're taken from all over the interwebs.


Teddi said...

were u bored stiff? i was, watching that clip! i watch documentaries w subtitles all them time, so it wasn't that! maybe it was the music or pacing? i prefer "project runway" or "all on the line." wondering if a YSL book i can flip through, would suffice my short attention span.

Feeona said...

I have been meaning to check out L'amour Fou for a while now- thanks for the review (-: