Friday, June 24, 2011

Colorado Vacay-PT.1: "WHITE WEDDING"

As promised, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into my Colorado getaway I had this past weekend.  The first and foremost reason I went there was because one of my longtime Kent State buddies was getting married...sometimes it is soooooooooooo crazy to think that I've known him since I was 18!  And while we lost touch for a few years, it was a great thing to turn 30 because we both invited one another to our bday bashes and we became closer friends now than we were in college.  Nonetheless I've always thought he was uber cool and fun to hang out with. But there you have it, what better reason to travel than for a wedding???

Congratulations you two! (the lovely couple during their first dance)
As a guest, with no responsibilities, I had it easy...just lounge by the pool, get drunk, and look semi-decent.  I chose a dress that Showgirl Godzilla had given to me last year cause she had no use for it and it isn't really her size (we are two different body types for sure). 

It's an elegant lil' # if I do say so myself, in a bold color-just the way I like it...I'm not one to slink into the background and be a wallflower as we know.

Being that the dress was a solid color I thought it was a perfect pairing to throw in a printed bag.  I've had this furry vintage leopard clutch for ages--just another thrift store treat I picked up for myself back in the ol' college days...and its still getting use!

And of course, something so loud and tangerine/coral-y, as this dress, calls for GOLD accessories, a sky high pair of strappy gold shoes always does the trick.
Being as how I'm manless at the moment, I opted to take my sister...or moreso she opted to step in and be my +1 for numerous reasons.  Thanks sis--you're the best!
The wedding was lovely as can be,IMG_5323
 a cute cake which I eyeballed all night until it was finally time to dig in,
Myself and a new-ish friend (I had met her 2yrs prior at the 30th bday bash, and well we hit it off cause she's rad), chattin' it up before the ever so popular with the single ladies, BOUQUET TOSS (yet again, I did not catch it...gah!),
Lots of silly antics with Jolly Ranchers-certainly it had nothing to do with the open bar,
And just lots of friends, old college pals,
(must I say it again?  I'm completely 100% "one of the guys", always have been and always will be)
Ones I've gotten to know thru the past 2yrs having become friends with the bride and all,IMG_5305
And the new-ish friends that are forever going to be my partners in crime at these types of things when we're all together!  Aubri & Mark--you two are a BLAST!
That's what weddings are all about!  Good friends, food, drink, and music...and lots of hilarious good times!
Love you two lovebirds, I had a wonderful time at the wedding and I still can't thank you enough for the invite!  I'm glad I could be a part of it, because really it was one of the best weddings I ever attended!
Oh...and of course, the thing this blog is all outfit:
*Orange dress-Nanette Lepore
*Gold shoes-INC
*Vintage leopard clutch-thrift store
*Gold necklace-gift from friend
*Sunburn--all my own, DIY style by the pool!


JazzyO said...

LOOKS like soo much fun & you looked AMAzing..LOVE the dress! Beautiful wedding, her gown is LOVELY!

I've been trying to leave comments forever but google is TRIPPIN!

xoxo Natalie

steffi said...

Ur dress is supercute. Love the color and the cut! Looks great on you

lauraa said...

You look just gorgeous. Love the dark nails with it too- just to remind us of your rock self!
Glad you had so much fun. I've been in wedding mode too helping my sis plan hers!

Teddi said...

dig the dress color on u, <3 gold accessories, w perfect purse! NO 1 really wants to catch the bouquet. how well do u know those groomsmen? (joking) ;) was the cake as good as it looked?

Malù said...

Love your outfit, more than other guests!I really like colour and the mix with accessories!

Sharlene Ujcich said...

We loved having you at our wedding! Thanks so much for coming, it was a blast and I can't believe its over!! But next year is my dirty 30!!! Love ya!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That tangerine dress is DARLING! Very 1940's chic! =)

Anonymous said...

This dress is everything that's great about summer, bright happy and smiling - you look Ravishing and so does your Beautiful sister!! (and the bride and all the other people)


Cecil said...

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