Monday, June 27, 2011

Colorado Vacay-Pt. 2: Mountain (wo)MAN

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-oh!!!!!!!  Part 2 of my Colorado getaway found me in the mountains.  On sunday my sister's friend took us for a drive up Mt. Evans; its the highest paved road in North America--and man was it awesome!!!!!!
It was a whirlwind of different environments all in one day's adventure...from lakes and warm temps, to snowcapped mountains and a high of 35degrees at the top of the mountain.

It's blatently obvious I was not dressed appropriately as is the usual case with me.IMG_5359
We saw ice and then cacti, go figure...
And we were so high up my head was in the clouds!
I'm going to point something out to you right now...I did not shower beforehand; so there you go kids-this is what my gross self looks like when I am in the wilderness not really giving a crap if mothernature likes my au natural self or not. 

This goes to show you however that I am one that MUST wash my hair everyday, or else I risk stringly ratty babyfine locks that just go limp.  boooooo!

Based on these two photos, its clear my sister is the more practical one in my family--she was dressed in normal shoes, a fleece, and well here I was in 5" heels and shorts!  brrrrrrrrrr is about all I can tell you I was feeling that day!
Regardless of my lack of good mountain attire, it was a wonderful time.  I had a blast seeing all the beauty nature has to offer.  It really is gorgeous...and a welcome view when you're used to nothing but pavement and skyscrapers.  The only highrises I was seeing out in CO were the majestic Rocky Mountains, and man did I love it.  Believe it or not...I do like outdoors stuff, nature, and yeah-FRESH AIR!
Being the girl I am however, a lot of outdoorsy stuff can really make me thirsty.  So we drove back down the mountain and stopped at a roadside bar called Cactus Jack's Saloon.
Boy was I in we walked up there was live music, and a rockabilly band at that!  Um...HEAVEN?  Yes yes yes!
Cactus Jacks
After our thrist quenchers (rum and diet for me), we headed to the Red Rocks to check out the legendary ampitheater.  OMG, WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!
This place was insanely cool!  You can stand on the stage and belt out tunes just to check out the acoustics, ya know?
Or you can challenge your unfit self to a quick stair climb...I would not suggest this, as I quickly found out my lungs could not handle the physical activity and high altitude.  HOLY SHORTNESS OF BREATH, Batman!!!!!!
Really though, this place was rad...a 9,000 seat ampitheater built into the natural land formations;
At this point, the sun was setting, it was getting downright chilly, and I was done, and done!  Mother nature wiped me out, I lost all fashion sense, and I was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING! 
Lucky sis' friend let me wear his fleece cause he's a nice dude like that...always a fashion statement coming from this girl, eh?
There ya Colorado vacation.  It was a short 4day trip, but well worth it and much needed.  The fresh air, friends faces, everything about it was PERFECT!
Sooooooooooooooooo yep, I'm ready to go back anytime someone wants to let me crash out there!  Fun fun fun!


Teddi said...

DON'T feel bad about being improperly dressed! i just got back from the rocky mountains less than a week ago. i froze the whole time! i lived there more than half my life. so what's my excuse? except i'm no longer acclimated to the high altitude. love the pic of you wearing the fleece jacket that drowns you and looks like you have no pants on. hee-hee :)

Anonymous said...

These photos are gorgeous - it looks so majestic!

Anonymous said...

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