Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily Wear: WOAH...What Happened?

When there's a friend in town you know I'm not one to sit at home...Hell NO!  We go out, and we go out RIGHT!
Usually, being someone's first visit to the city, I love to overload their senses by taking them to this crazy Indian Restaurant, Panna II.  If you ask me, it mostly just doubles as a fire hazard, what with all the chili pepper lights and all...but it also moonlights as a wonderful memory for my visiting friends to take home with them.
So, with Alex of "Alex's Wonderland" being in town to visit her college roomie, Sew Me Some Love, we took our wonderful selves to that very restaurant!
I hope the girls liked it...because its pretty tasty cheap food, and makes for lovely pics, no?
Of course if I'm going to be out and about, I need some of my regular partners in crime to help me rile up the townfolk and show the visitors a good time.
So thanks dolls for tagging along and being your badass selves!!!!!
With a crew like ours, some beers in our bellies, well..........
Let's just say we got down with our crazy selves...or, maybe I just got down?  Who really knows what happened, because I certainly cannot get my head out of the fog that was Saturday Night.
So let's hear it for friends visiting from faraway lands (ok not really, Indiana is NOT that far), friends closeby, and saturday nights in NYC!!!  never ever a dull moment.
And of course, impromptu blogger shots, what else are the streets of NY good for?

*Black/white scarf-Express
*Black tank dress-H&M
*Black bullet belt-Merry Go Round (lost on Saturday-boo)
*Black Fringe bag-H&M
*Black shoes-Dolce Vita

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Teddi said...

damn someone's looking drunkenly fine! is that indian food spicy? i'm gonna guess yes, right? the lights there look fantab!