Friday, July 1, 2011

Daily Wear: Yeah, I'd Date Myself...

Last weekend when Alex was visiting, I managed to remember my camera come Sunday morning for a lovely drunk brunch at Lovin' Cup.
Thankfully I else could I have been so self obsessed to take photos of myself in the mirror?  duh!
Drunk Brunch-reflection
As per my usual breakfast preference, I chose an egg-y treat.  The Sweet Jane Scramble to be exact.
And those are indeed TOTS on the plate...tots and a side of bacon, god I could go for that right now!
My Breakfast
After brunch we headed to McCarren Park for some R&R and to-go margaritas of course.  It's a novelty to the out-of-towners, and I thought it was a MUST that they partake in the fun of drinks in a public outdoor setting--the lid keeps it safe, totally NOT an open container, right?
To go Margarita in McCarren Park
Then of course, it was time for more pictures of ME.....did I ever tell you I would date myself?  Yeah this is my motto these days, and i'm stickin' to it. 
I mean who wouldn't want to date themselves if they acted as classy as I do?  Everyone loves a girl re-enacting a moment of wetting herself, no?

Or one that throws all "ladylike behavior" out the window...
(un)ladylike conduct
But really...lets talk outfit gibberish.

I love this dress, I always want to wear it, i usually forget to wear it, but alas....brunch was the perfect moment for it, and I not only remembered my camera, I remembered to wear the dress.  It's a wee bit short, and the sleeves are too short as is usually the case with most sleeved vintage I buy.  A quick roll of the sleeves solves that and makes it all the more cool and comfy in the hot summer sun anyhow.
No worries about the shortness of the whole thing...why that's where my trusty cut-offs come in handy.  Throw my fave summertime staple under the dress and I can be as unlady-like as I damn well please!
Problem solved!!!!!!!  And now I must go date myself...
Short Shorts for Short Dress
*Gray vintage dress-Buffalo Exchange
*DIY Cut-off shorts-GAP
*Yellow wedges-Target
*Cranberry sunnies-Foster Grant

PS-Who's ready to get the firecrackers out and blow off some digits??  It's 4th of July weekend Ya'll!  Let's get white-trashy; cause you know I will!!!


anna marie said...

you would have LOVED a party i went to a few years ago! the tots made me think about it actually.


we got in our trashiest get-ups, ate tots and kool-aid 'til we thought we'd die!

xo.anna marie

JazzyO said...

LOVE LOVE the dress, it's sooo adorable! If you ever wanna sell it, send it my way! HA! LOL

I've tried posting on your posts for weeks but for whatever reason google was giving me a weird time.

Anyway, I'm hosting my first giveaway, check it out if you have a minute!


Teddi said...

best blog post title ever!

Emily said...

That dress is amazing! And oh so perfect for your classy escapades :) Drunk brunch is my favorite meal of the day.

Meagan said...

That sounds like such a fun day! And that dress is fantastic!

Alecto said...

hahaha i love the pics of you with the tree. bonified glory.

Aggie602 said...

I really like the vintage dress the cut of it is perfect and I like the colros as well.