Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday (so what I'm late)...AMERICA!

Happy Birthday America!!!!!  July 4th, 1776--You're 235 yrs young!  So in true American "fashion", I took my butt down to the tip of Brooklyn, any guesses just where I went?
I'll give you 3...3 clues, just look at these pictures and you'll know how I roll on the 4th of July!
Yeah that's friends and I went to the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest...and it was rad as all get-out!
I've been once before, but this year I enjoyed it immensely!  It was America in all its finest glory, hotdogs, brews, sunshine, and Americans just being American!  What more can you ask for?
Being that I used to be a HUGE carnivore back in the day, I haven't quite given up those ways so I ate a hotdog, why not?  It was really really good!

And I saw a man on stilts, oh wait, that's Uncle Sam, right?
I also had to witness some very questionable acrobatics, not sure these "pure" eyes should've been privy to that view...eek!
And of course...who are we not to hit up the beer garden?  Especially when its a shithole sandpit called "Beer Island"?? um, amazing!
And what would you expect me to wear on such a holiday as the 4th of July?  Last year I wore a cropped top American flag tee, so this year I simply could not do that again...instead I went just for the "rock'n out at the beach, on the 4th of july" look--by that I mean, trashy as possible.

If you've ever been to southern indiana during the summertime, this is something similar to what you'd find at this thing called "Thunder on the Ohio"--believe me, I was channeling my Indiana roots with these cut-offs for sure!
Boy oh boy...did I bring the heat to the beach!  Is it hot in here, or is it just me???
bahahahahaahaha, um more like the sun was like someone opened a screendoor to hell if we wanna talk "heat"...I got some sun, it was freakin hot out there, i'd hope i got some color.

Regardless, with a lyric like this on the back of my vintage Poison tshirt, I'm going to bet I brought some higher temps with me as I walked too and fro.
So whatever you found yourself doing for the 4th, I hope it was fun.  I hope you got to kick back, relax, and enjoy some ice cold beverages of whatever sort you prefer.  Throw in a hotdog here and there...and that's a damn fine 4th of July.

America, I'm just gonna say..."you're birthday rocks my socks!"  Wait, I'm not wearing socks...
*Vintage concert tshirt-thrift store
*DIY cut-offs-GAP
*Sunglasses-Foster Grant


Teddi said...

oh that whole post was a riot! "eek, sandpit called beer island, & screen door to hell." ha-ha! please tell me you've seen poison in concert? check

JazzyO said...

Your poison top is TDF! I loveddddd that band in the 80's!!!

Looks like you had a good time.
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Poppsiecoq said...

who needs fireworks when a girl like you is strolling the boardwalk...

Curves ahead makeup said...

Wow nothing to be jealous of girlie your look like you had a amazing time !!! Hot dogs beer and talk dirty to me t !!!!! Come on you had a awesome 4th

Thanks for stopping by my blog Hun new follower here

Meagan said...

I would kill for that t-shirt. Amazing.