Saturday, June 11, 2011

Daily Wear: Blue Jean Baby

I think I talked briefly about these jeans before, but not a lot.
I bought them about 2 months ago, they were just slightly too long (about 1-1/2"), so I had them hemmed by a "professional", perfect length!
But after getting them back from the hemming job, they were now too big in the waist, but this was a friendly favor the tailor of sorts was doing for me, so I felt wrong in asking him to take them back and fix the waist size for me now.  So I sucked it up and told myself to wear a belt.
While the belt idea works, I still feel a wee bit of gapping and like there's too much space btwn the waistband and my body.  And I'm realizing now I'd wear these jeans a whole lot more and I'd turn myself into a 70s girl if only I had the waist size correct.
I should probably get on fixing the waist, eh?
Because these jeans do wonders for my legs...why should I let them sit in my closet just because the waist is a little big?  Get your act together already, Nickie, get them fixed!
Yeah, cause this leg lengthening thing these jeans do--I really really like it.

This is my not so secret, secret.  Buy jeans or pants a few inches too long, wear huge heeled shoes with them, the length of the pant will cover the heel of the shoe, and the world just thinks you're 6ft tall then!
Shhhhhh...don't tell anyone I'm about 5" shy of 6ft; no one but you needs to know that!
blue jean baby
So readers, if you don't see these jeans in the near future, can someone remind me to get the darn waist fixed already?  If you don't see them, it means I haven't fixed them yet.
Thanks in advance for remdinging me :)

PS-I'm still drunk from the night before (I know, not something to admit, but its true...oh, and this post is going nowhere!)
*Ivory blouse-F21
*Blue jeans-Gap
*Yellow platform sandals-Target
*Camel scarf-H&M



Love the scarf & rings!
Those jeans are incredibly flattering.

Marie said...

As a tres shortie I need to learn that trick. The jeans are smashing on ya.

Meagan said...

I would definitely get them fixed. They do look great on you and I love the yellow shoes!

Teddi said...

nice aviators covering up drunkeness, (my fave part).tell tailor length is great,but something's off w the waist. cuz it's NO favor if ur pants don't feel right.doubt ur as short as 5.1 me. this girl's always belting her pants, bein 2 lazy 2 fix em. will u share the polish color & brand? somebody's drunk behind is still looking fly.

Pearl Westwood said...

Great jeans I am always getting things fixed

anna marie said...

1. jeans too long? what a foreign concept to me! it's SO hard to find jeans that are long enough. it's ridiculous really.

2. i thought you were smoking in that second picture with the spray paint behind your face.

3. i feel you on the still drunk! we had an all day party, and i drank, oh, all day and like the genius i can be at times, forgot to drink any water to cut the beer and lemoncello. whoops!

xo.anna marie

No said...

I would totally get them fixed! Albeit, this statement is coming from someone who has had a pair of Citizens in my closet with a busted zipper for 4 years. Sad, I know. You look hot, lady, especially for second day drunkenness haha (you should see me).

EatSleepDenim said...

You pull off flared leg jeans flawlessly! Love them.