Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daily Wear: This Chick is Toast!

Last Thursday I went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a FREE outdoor movie.
These events require my friends and I (uh-hem, I mean the Downtown Dolls to be exact, er...actually one of the Doll's BFs in our case-Thanks MATT!) to get there wayyyyyy in advance to scope out prime real estate for our blankets and viewing needs.  When I say, "wayyyyyy in advance", we're talking like 2.5hrs before the movie even starts (I mean look here, the movie started around 8:45pm, this is 6:45pm below...and I could only fit about 1/16 of the crowd into my camera's scope...WOAH!)
Ghostbusters @ BK Bridge park
The movie at hand was none other than one of the most classic films of 1984, "GHOSTBUSTERS"!

So I took my bell-bottom wearin' self, with my gang vest on, and popped a squat on a grassy knoll with an angled view of the screen.  It worked, and it was the best we could do for watching...but I'm not complaining.
Friends were there, as mentioned...some arrived early, some arrived late.  Mel arrived in her new summertime WHITE gang vest...ooh-lala; I'm jealous actually! (first time for everything, as jealousy towards friends does not arise much out of me)
Snacks galore were there for the taking...I was partial to our friend Matt's plethora of goodness.  He brought popcorn (took it upon himself to pop 3 bags of stovetop popcorn because he must know we girls have hearty appetites), Peanut M&Ms, granola bars...lets just say it was a way better selection than some crappy "popcorn chip" I picked up at my local grocer...I should've known there was a reason mine were 2 for $4.00.  I fell for a sale! Of course I did.
And speaking of reminds me of what I said to myself this morning as I made my breakfast, only because I told the gang at the movie I was going to say this...maybe I think its the best line in the movie by far,

So peace-out yo...

have a great weekend and nevermind this scatterbrained movie post; I'm off to a music festival; check back for the Weekend Rewind on that schizzzzzniz!
*Ivory printed silk blouse-F21
*Denim bell bottoms-Gap
*Denim vest-DIY gang vest 
*Sunnies-Foster Grant
*Fringe purse-H&M


Teddi said...

what a fantastic sleeve your girl has. someone's BF sounds like a sweetie. i'm digging your blouse!

Alexandra said...

Oooh really loving Mel's white vest. (I think the leopard print got me)