Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday: 4 Knots Music Festival

Just in time for Music Monday,

I happened to go to an all day free festival/concert this weekend at the Southstreet Seaport.

It was the Village Voice's answer to having cancelled Siren Fest for they were kind enough to bring NYers:

The 4 Knots Music Festival

There were a few bands I wanted to see!
(check them out if you want something new, or maybe you've already heard of them if you're in the know...I am soooooo not "in the know"; I used my San Fransisco friend's music knowledge to find out about one of these bands, then some other friends told me about a few others...but a free show is a free show, and I'm all about free shows and discovering bands I didn't know existed.)

One such band I went to see was Davila 666 (this is the SF friend's suggestion from a few months back, Thanks Kristine!...they did not disappoint; although then again I watched from a balcony overlooking the stage because $5.00 pitchers of beer were calling my name in the hot summer heat, its rare when I stick around front and center for a band if $5 beer is available nearby)

Another band I happened to catch, actually as soon as I walked up they were already playing, was Eleanor Friedberger.  
(Now I'll admit I didn't even know who this was, let alone go to see her, but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed her sound!  Further research told me she's 1 part of Fiery Furnaces, I wish I knew this kinda stuff beforehand...duh!)

This girl has some fun style, she's quirky and pretty (look at google images!)...what any girl strives for, right?  ummmmm Ok maybe just me.
Eleanor Friedberger
After a few more songs of hers, my buddy Jess and I walked down to the end of the Pier to check out the sights.  You see, Southstreet Seaport is not an area of Manhattan I usually tend to NO!  Not my scene, just my scene for that day...mostly populated by the likes of tourists, sorority types (sorry girls if this is you, but its not my thing), and other douche-y characters I'd rather not deal with.  (yes, I'm stereotyping the Southstreet Seaport "set", but I'll be you 9x out of 10, I've got it nailed!)
Jess @ the PierIMG_5708
With that being said, I won't lie...its pretty nice; beautiful actually...breezy, sunny, and oh-so-nautical!
If only there was a Jack Sparrow on one of these ships, my little heart would've gone " pitter-patter! "
Bummer, no such luck!
Arrrrrghhh Matee
After our little jaunt around the pier, a few $5 pitchers of beer, we went back down to face the masses that had joined the crowd since we were last down in the pit.  We weaseled our way up front, just as any experienced cute concert goer should be able to do, and we had a great view for the band we came to see,
Titus Andronicus @ 4-KnotsTitus Andronicus
Holy electric violin...they were pretty darn good.  A bit of a stupid mosh pit broke out but really what's that; like we can't hold our own ground when jabs are being taken and people are crowd surfing? Actually I just laughed while I shoved back, seriously ...people still do that?  Maybe I'm old, but maybe I held up just fine against the youngin's...YEAH!
Electric Violin
Oh geez...what a hot day in the sun, full of free music and cheap beer.  It was just as I imagined it to be...and now I hope you go and listen to some of these bands, or the ones listed on the 4 Knots flier and tell me what you think.  Good, bad, just not your cup of tea???

What about the Seaport, you think you'd hang out here?  Yikes! um, sure you want to read my blog if you answered "yes"?  Something about the financial district, going that far downtown, ewwww just BORING in my world.  But to each his own right?  I don't expect you to like my things, and you should not expect me to like the Southstreet Seaport enough to really go back.  (oh wait, I spoke too soon...darn, I have to go back on 7/31 'cause the Raveonettes are playing for free down there...looks like I've got one more trip to get in under my belt before I call it quits w/the Seaport.  wish me luck!  It could be worse...I mean it could be TIMES SQUARE--eeek!)
Oh, just FYI, it was hot, I wanted to be comfy, that's about all I know with this outfit--short skirt, see through loose fitting top, and comfy (and somewhat questionable as always!).

Wearing: (lots of H&M, whoopsies)
*Black tank-H&M
*Beige skirt-H&M
*Leopard Print booties-F21
*Black purse-H&M
*Whistle necklace-Brooklyn Charm
*Rock necklace-F21
*Sunglasses-Foster Grant
Style @ the Southstreet Seaport
Oh and of course on our way out we couldn't leave without tagging up a graffiti wall w/some gang paraphernalia!  yay for leftover stickers in Jess' bag!  We're nerds of the best sort what can I say!?!
Obviously by the time we were leaving and off the subway we worked up a hunger and were again pizza with every beer just called to us!
Yummy...dinner time!
Dinner after 4-Knots FestNom Nom
We shoved our faces then we went home.
This has nothing to do with music, just the pizza is really good for being FREE!  It looks gross, it is gross, but for free--its delicious!

Sooooooooo, ok...go listen to some music!  Hope you like something I talked about...if not, what are you listenin' to???
 I want to I said, "I'm soooooo not in the know", so help a girl out musically wouldya!?!


Teddi said...

yay 4 free music festivals & free pizza (my fave food), & graffiti w leftover stickers! davila 666 (the numbers remind me of iron maiden album, but their sound is old school ramones style punk). i own black & white stripes tights like Eleanor Friedberger. glad u said that was an electric violin, cause i said wtf is that? fave line "somewhat questionable as always."

Anonymous said...

I miss Siren :(

Ooscslj said...

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