Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage View #14

It's high summer here in NYC...meaning it's H-O-T out!
It's hard to look nice, stay cool, and keep composed in this weather.

I had a doctor's appt. the other day, and when visiting the doctor I try to look a little better than usual. 
 I don't want them writing anything "funny" in my chart such as I look battered and bruised.
(because I am bruised...I got to a lot of concerts where jabs are received, and sometimes fists and kicks come my way)
Somehow is this dillusional head of mine, I think looking like a lady in a pretty lil' dress will detour the doc's eyes from my usual haggard physical appearance.
-Side note, I did not achieve this goal...sure enough, as was the case at last year's exam, the doctor asked me about my bruises.
(I'm convinced she's written in my file to keep an eye out for possible domestic abuse--its true, sometimes I'm that banged up, but never in the face...and if it is anyone hitting me-well its my own fault, not someone else abusing me...let's just be clear.)
So ok, we've established:
A.) It's HOT outside,
B.) I tried to look like a lady and wear a dress, and
C.) I had a doctor's appointment.

Big fat deal right?

So let's talk clothes.

I got this "new" vintage dress at Beacon's Closet on Sunday.
I can't tell what decade its from, I'm guessing the '90s.
(Um, Dusty Rose...wanna help me out with this one?)
I was drawn to it due to the yellow nature, I like yellow...not enough people veer toward yellow. 
I also really dig burnt orange-y browns mixed with Black.
So this dress was the whole shebang!

and it was cotton and airy and floaty...completely something begging to be worn in 90+ temps, no?
Overall, it was kinda an entire vintage outfit, but throughoughly workable for the modern day world.
-The purse if vintage from my trip to the Poconos last year
-The belt is vintage from my favorite thrift store in Ohio
-The shoes are vintage, or "gently used" at least, from Beacon's Closet a few years back

Yet, I thought I looked every bit a normal summertime present-day girl;
perfect for a day at the doctor's, even if it did not keep the "bruised" questions at bay.
*Vintage multi-color print dress-Beacon's Closet
*Vintage yellow purse-some store in the Poconos
*Vintage canvans belt-Thrift Store
*Dolce and Gabbana wedges-Beacon's Closet
*Brown sunglasses-Foster Grant
But ok guys...are you ready for the real kicker?
the most detrimental news I could ever hear at a doctor's office?
I'm only 5'4"!!!!!!!!

I had no idea, my whole life has been a lie, I guess I've worn tall girl shoes for so long I just started to believe my own fantasy.
I'm sorry I've fooled you for so long, but to be fair, I've fooled myself sincerely as well.
It's a huge blow to my "once upon a time tall-girl" ego!


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I agree, 90's, and you are smashing in it! Wear that to the concert and no one will touch ya, too pretty.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
July giveaway

Teddi said...

whatever taller than me girl, (bah!). how does that saying go "bruised, screwed & tattooed"? the dress & shoes are very lovely. of course i noticed the purple nails that tell me even behind the flowers someone's still a rock chick at heart.

Mal├╣ said...

Love the print!!! Nice dress and shoes!

those tricks said...

You look lovely!
Are more dresses in your blogging future, perhaps?!

Lu said...

You look amazing! But to be honest I had to do a double take but of course you can pull off any look. :)

Meghan said...

I love the dress and that perfect little bag! You look great :)

I often find doctor's awkwardly asking about my tattoos... no I don't find it distracting to try to explain the "meaning" while you're getting out the speculum... Are they noting these things??


Carmen said...

Such a cute outfit, love the bag!

Carmen Ri.

Poppsiecoq said...

Cute dress and there is no way you are only 5'4. that is my height and you stand over me...

Those doctors need to get their heads checked!

Anonymous said...

This dress is gorgeous! I have seen those bruises appear and re-appear, but they always looked so cool on you..?


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