Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily Wear: Big Sleeve Steeze

A light layer of chiffon keeps me cool...
in more ways than one!
Look at these big ol' sleeves!  What's not to love?
This chiffon kimono style gypsy lookin' slightly Stevie Nick's channeling number is courtesy of a cheapie store I found down in Chinatown.
(When I say "courtesy", I do not mean it was free...although it might as well been it was such a steal.
I really just mean, "courtesy" as in, thanks to my eagle eyes I found this crap store).

Just goes to show I should not write off Chinatown and its fishy stank just yet...
apparently there's still some goodies to be found down there
(just not fake bags made by kids in Guanzhou.  Ok so they're still down there too...I just refuse to buy them.  Sorry Mom, sorry sister...ain't gonna support child labor or rippin' off the talented designers in my industry.  Come visit me, and go there yourself!)
And no...that is NOT a CHER pin on my bag-as a homeless woman on 8th Ave thought it was.
That is freakin' TOMMY LEE in all his Motley Crue glory of the early 80s. 
Do you ever find yourself in a part of town you really really despise, only to find yourself sweetly surprised by something on its streets?
Probably not.
But this particular jaunt around Chinatown...and BAM! I got myself a chiffon, huge sleeved, toss on topper and its an ever-so-perfect addition to my fondness of layers.
*Chiffon topper-unknown store in Chinatown
*Black silk camisole-Express
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black heels-Nine West
*Sunglasses-courtesy of Foster Grant
*Fringe bag-H&M
*Vintage Tommy Lee pin-gift from ex (thanks college BF!)


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of places that will surprise you. You can find treasures in the funniest places. :)


Btw, follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can, follow my twitter too!(Viva_La_Breee) :)

xoxo, Bree


Monique said...

I love your shawl!

those tricks said...

Loving that thing.
Would be cute on top of a simple, short dress, too.

Teddi said...

i wanna go to that store when i go to nyc in sept! just call me secondhand rose (name that movie). dig the shoes & floral collar. or is it a yoke on the blouse? guess who is also a libra & shares their birthday with tommy lee & gwen stefani? did you read crue's book the dirt? i own it.


purelovefashion said...

Great bag.
Love the combination of the skinnies & pointed black heels.


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Oh my gosh! That chiffon top seriously reminded me of stevie nicks right away! You look great. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

The.Red.See said...

Love your kimono! Great find.

The.Red.See said...

Love your kimono! Great find.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I love the heels, I love the kimono thing, can we go togetha when I come home? I can take you for vietmese cofffe and a honkin' bowl of noodles...aah old times...As this is a fashion blog, I really have to emphasize how slick a simple pump looks...wish I could walk in it! J$