Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vintage View #15

Vintage View
Hot on the trail of my last Vintage View, I bring you yet another vintage goodie!
This dress was purchased the same time as my last trip to Beacon's Closet.

While it reminds me more of a Fall item, which I know it'll get plenty of wear right into and throughout the tights wearing season, it was lightweight enough that I could give it a try during the summertime months.
Besides its ability to be versatile for the different season's, let's call it what it is:
And let's be honest with ourselves, or moreso with me, why did I get weak in the knees for this dress when I tried it on?
Um....because it is SHORT!
I'm a sucker for short...I love my legs, that's basically what I'm telling you
(PS girls-it's ok to love something about yourself, you don't have to beat yourself up about every aspect of your self image, I personally try to like one thing for everything i dislike..keep it balanced ya know?  For instance I hate my gut, it never goes away, its been there-since I became well aware of it at the age of 5...but these legs, they've yet to hear me have a hateful thing to say about them...they very well could be my best friend! er...asset)
The worst part about this dress is I managed to rip it in 2 places the first time I wore it

I caught it on my shoe when I was trying some dresses on at work, and bam RIP RIP.
Luckily my fashion girl skills came in handy and I whipped out my needle and thread and you're none the wiser...I dare you to try to point out the rips and my questionable stitching job.
Go ahead...goodluck.
This print and my "expertise" kinda mutually work together in this case.
I can continue wearing the dress...right on thru tights season as I said before.

Alright kiddies, its 11:15pm and I'm tuckered out...old lady alert back in full effect, right?
*Vintage print dress-Beacon's Closet
*Brown suede shoes-Target
*Brown pendant necklace-Forever 21


jennie going west said...

DAMN! if i had your legs, they'd be my favorite too!

Teddi said...

yeah ur legs rule! great dress & necklace. i adore the colors. what rips? my latest blog post was inspired by your tommy lee button.


Malù said...

You look gorgeouse! Love the print and the shoes!

Nicole said...

This should be titled "Ode to My Legs" - wowza!

I'm with you... give me skirts that I can't get even a 45 degree bend in and shorts that flirt with the curve of my bum. But please please please disguise my buddha bellyl at all costs!

Alecto said...

yes ma'am I agree with you-- you do have some fantasmic gams :) and I would die to have your sewing skills. mine always look like a terrible accident :)

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