Saturday, May 30, 2009

I need to try skirts already

I'm really hoping tomorrow is back to being summertime weather, or early summer I should say.  I really am not a fan of summer, especially late July/August....but this summer I'm trying to be positive and I'm hoping to take advantage of all the great offerings a summer in NYC has.

On a similar note, last weekend was feeling like early summer....then Tuesday comes and BAM!  Back to being chilly.
So, now I'm ready to maybe try some of my summer clothes-give them a test run over these next few weekends (it's when I can really wear whatever, dress up or down, no one comments cause I'm only around me myself and I, and the boyfriend...give or take a few friends here and there).  I mean I can wear whatever to work, but at the same time, I would not feel work appropriate in some of my weekend attire either.  Not that the outfit to the left is all that work appropriate, it's pretty casual, but it's my usual uniform (it's easy and quick, good for work mornings because I never have enough time to get ready as I wish I did).

Today I wore:
-Army Green cotton zip-front jacket-Forever 21
-Pink silk sleeveless blouse, exposed zipper back-Forever 21
-Dark denim skinny jeans-Uniqlo
-Leaf applique leather shoes-Urban Outfitters.

Oh, but back to my boring weather banter....yes, I'm hoping it is kinda nice and summery tomorrow so i can maybe consider something besides my skinny jeans that I seem to LIVE IN nonstop.  Thank goodness I have several pairs that I love, but honestly.....I'm getting a little bored and think I should try some skirts and challenge myself a bit.
You see, skinny jeans and whatever top have become my quick, no thought-know it works, outfit.  I haven't really worn skirts in a long long time (maybe here or there, but no on a regular basis).  So yes, it will be a challenge.

I bought a new pink/black print skirt after work today-treated myself to a cheapie skirt since I stayed late on a FRIDAY!  Why not right?   So this new skirt will help me give the skirt wearing challenge a go.

Ugh, I should call it an early Friday evening and go to bed.  I have "big plans" for tomorrow; meaning it requires me to get up and do stuff before 4pm.
I must sew my landlord's curtains for her; I want to go to the Flea Market in Fort Greene as well.   I tend to dwindle away on teh internet SAturday mornings till afternoon, so we'll see just how far I get with my big plans.

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