Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summertime in Prospect Park

This lineup of concerts in Prospect Park is the reason I love living where I do.  I am about a 60second walk to the bandshell where this all goes down!  And this is only one of the places that has amazing concerts all summer long...it's especially awesome when you live RIGHT THERE!
Summer in the city isn't that bad afterall-only if we could lower those hot hot temps about 15degrees come August!

And here's today's outfit, it would be perfect for one of those concerts in the park.  It's quite comfortable.  I'm diggin my shoes lately, had them for over a year and just now do I start wearing them!  They're like autumn due to the leaf detail, but I LOVE the color scheme...neutrals like this make my dressing easy.

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banoota said...

the jeans.. absolutely daaaaahling