Sunday, June 21, 2009

7th Avenue Street Fair

It actually resembled summer a little today....slightly muggy, warm enough that I wasn't chilled, and of course a street festival thrown in for good measure.

I walked from 9th street almost to Flatbush deciding which food I wanted to buy, then realizing I needed to hit a bank before I order up anything.  Looked at lots of jewelry too.  Saw too many people selling socks and sheets, for some reason it's a staple to have those randoms at NYC street festivals.
I got almost to Flatbush and the BF decided he would meet me, after earlier telling me he hated people and how he did not want to deal with that.  (I don't blame him, there are definitly too many strollers and dumb parents walking the streets of Park Slope).
He got hungry so of course he came to meet me, but that required me to backtrack all the way back to our street.
We met, then went on the hunt in the other direction to find some grub.  We settled on a strawberry-banana smoothie to hold us over until we decided on something else.  Then, as I should've known it began to RAIN!  Yes, RAIN AGAIN! 
We got pretty wet, so we had to come home :(  
(after the rain, back home where it's dry)
*Denim western-style shirt dress-Topshop
*Red burlap wedge/flats-DSW
*Natural, vintage straw bag-Thrift Store
*Silver/Natural Wood bangle-some cheapo store on 14th street.
(You might recall I've worn this dress before, back in May.  It was cold then, I paired it with lacey tights and a gray bomber, now it's sans legwear and jacket-I said it was summertime!)

Back to the fair, needless to say, we did not eat anything besides our smoothie.  But thank god our slowcooker meal if officially done!  I'm sooooooo hungry.
We made some sort of chicken and mushroom croc-pot thingy....I'm off to make sure it tastes GOOD!


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Isquisofrenia said...

omg i want this,
looks so laid back but chic and comfy
you look so great!

jane st. clair said...

i really like this dress, and you wear it incredibly well. often, i see people with these kinds of dresses and it looks like they forgot their pants (and not in a sexy-fun way). but yours has just enough structure to clearly be a dress and to be fabulous. i like the shoes too, and they're perfect with this!!