Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fave Rave

I'm introducing a brand new, on-going, segment to my blog.  I call it, "FAVE RAVE".  It will consist of my fave things of the fashion, beauty, or random world I live in.  The raves may be a classic, or just a passing trend, but they're all something I HEART big time.

And now, I give you my FAVE RAVE #1:
Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper chapstick is as American as Apple Pie, and I figured today, being America's birthday is the best time to let it do it's thing.  I will be wearing it today and slathering it all over this kisser of mine.  
I have been wearing this since I was 10 years old, and I still purchase it with enthusiasm.  I think 19 years of constant use makes it a CLASSIC!

While Bonne Bell has a whole treasure trove of flavors, Dr. Pepper will forever by my first and fave choice.  It gives your lips a slight tint of color that the others just don't provide.  It's a perfect sheer wash across your lips.
I'm not one to wear lipstick often because I find it gets all gloppy and nasty and wads itself up on my mouth.  This is thru fault of my own I know, but Bonne Bell does not do that....lick after lick; licking because Dr. Pepper tastes so good, it doesn't get all gross.  Luckily it's nontoxic because I'm certain over the years I've eaten my weight in Dr. Pepper chapstick.  
I would suggest forgetting the fact that this is made for tweens, foregoing the idea that you're too old to purchase it, and buy yourself a tube today!  

Oh, and a big Happy 4th of July to you all!
(come back tomorrow for a review of my firecracker good time I'm going to have today)